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ESPER – The Review

October 3, 2019 ·

Ever since seeing Professor X and what he could do to seeing the movie Phenomenon to the T.V. show Heroes, I have always thought how cool it would be to move objects with our mind, to somehow feel like a superhero. Then I thought about what if the government found out about me? Would I be part of a traveling freak show? Would I be studied and put under the knife for experiments in Area 51? These could be valid questions if this was all true. I mean it couldn’t be true, could it? Did Coatsink finally allow my plausible questions along with so many more to be answered? Let’s find out with ESPER for the PlayStation VR.

But after my questions, I bet you are wanting to know exactly what you are doing here and why you were brought here to participate in the ESPR training program. Well, there is no need to worry…at least for now. You see the government has noticed a certain, how can I put this…growth in the extrasensory department if you will of certain people. You just happen to have what we feel…I mean the government feels, as possessing this special ability.

So with your understanding and cooperation, we, I mean the government can assist you in having a safer, more public level of control. Sounds simple right? No need to start using your powers and doing something you may and will end up regretting. We…I mean the government, society, and you will all be more beneficial without your resistance…I mean assistance in this situation. We…I mean the government truly thanks you.

I appreciated a couple of things from the start. One being the controls. You have the choice between the Dualshock 4 or Move controllers. But to be really awesome, turn on Head movement to move things with your mind. It is such an awesome trip. The other thing I appreciate is the humor that from even the beginning you feel that you are in for some fun times.

The object of ESPER is to move an object or objects to the end goals through puzzles. Then it seems the next puzzle takes a bit of the previous puzzle and adds to it. This has you having to think a little bit more all while Coatsink makes each one feel new and refreshing. So great job Coatsink…great job.

But where you might think that if you do not solve the puzzle that you may be looked down upon or maybe it’s game over, I am happy to say that it is the complete opposite. The puzzles are not going to be so difficult where you start throwing controllers. There were times where I over thanked what should have happened instead of seeing the entire puzzle and thinking ahead of how to complete the goal. It is this type of satisfaction in solving the puzzle on my own as well as the desire to keep wanting to try when you may not succeed the first few times. But once you do, that satisfaction will give you that sense of accomplishment.

Now keep in mind that you do not move from your seat throughout the entire time, but instead the room changes allowing for you to look at the puzzles with a different outlook. This really is even truer when you have puzzles where water is involved and the object you are moving will react accordingly. But if at any time you feel that everything needs to be reset, there is a button near you that can be pressed. Don’t feel bad about pressing it, sometimes we just need a new mindset to move forward.

Another thing I appreciated was the option to try any of the puzzles again after you beat them. There were some ones that made me think more than others and after I progressed, I went back to an earlier puzzle to complete it easier than my first attempt. That’s right, I showed those puzzles. That will teach you.

Let’s talk about immersion. I did feel like I was behind a desk and everything was happening right in front of me. I really like how just by looking, the chair will rotate to the left and right. It would be fun to actually see my legs in the game, maybe the option to unlock different leg costumes. I mean if you are going to have some telekinetic powers, you want a costume to reflect your greatness. I mean I get it, you don’t want to seem like a threat and you want to be one with society, but I am just saying.

I also when details are added, even if they are small. It just adds to it. When you look at the desk, look at the colors of the wood to even being worn and used. You get that sense that the desk has seen some better days, but still reliable. Even adding something simple such as a cup stain on the desk. Again, it’s these little details that didn’t have to be added, but I am glad it was.

Sound wise hearing all the different parts of the room move with each one having a distinct sound to it is nice. Even the clock on the wall will tick and tick. I can’t tell if this was on purpose so that you start to break your concentration a little or was just added just because. Even if there is no time limit to solve these puzzles, the clock adds to the sense of importance that you are not there to waste my…I mean the government’s time.

But hat really helps to make ESPER what it is, is the writing and the delivery of the humor with the narration. I mean if you are going to be dealing with puzzles that may get you stuck at times, there is nothing like creative humor and sarcasm to make it well worthwhile.

I think for the first time I have had the feeling of being accused, guilty, being important, proud, and happy all at the same time all while enjoying the humor and sarcasm. Sometimes its when we are put into the hot seat and make us think that allows us to learn a little more about ourselves. And sometimes it is that little piece that we learn about ourselves that can make us improve, and we all can use a little improvement.

ESPER is out now on PlayStation VR and is also available on the Oculus Go and Gear VR on the Oculus Store, and Steam. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Coatsink, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, join their Discord, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time I am going to fine-tune my powers.

Mr. PSVR, July 14, 2018,
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