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HTC Vive PRO Receives A Price Drop…

January 11, 2020 ·

2018 was the year that HTC came out with the HTC Vive Pro, the upgraded version of their HTC Vive. So if you have been holding off on spending $799.99 for the headset, there is now a $200.00 price drop making the headset a whopping $599.00. But you have a choice to make, you can get the newer HTC consumer-level headset, HTC Vive Cosmos that comes with two hand-tracking controllers along with inside out tracking for $699 or get the HTC Vive Pro for $599.00 for just the headset itself. That does not come with any controllers or the base stations which if you want the Steam VR 1.0 base stations and two controllers, that will run you $899.00 of if money is not object, you can shell out for the complete full kit that includes the newer SteamVR 2.0 base stations and controllers for $1,199. Just remember that you will still need a pc capable of running of VR in case you were wondering.

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