Grab Your Oculus Quest/Quest 2 And Get Ready To Play Some CATAN VR…

February 7, 2021 ·

For those that may enjoy the tabletop version of the game, but either not everyone wants to play or with there being a pandemic can get everyone to play. I mean, I guess you could set up an online meeting session with everyone having a cam and everyone buying the game to move the pieces, but then you get into who has what cards and it could take a very long time to play. But what is probably the easier and more fun way of going about it is playing Catan in VR. For those that may have not been aware, Catan has been available on a wide variety of Virtual Reality systems including Gear VR, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, and even PlayStation VR. Now, Oculus Quest/Quest 2 fans, your time is now to play one of the great tabletop games that come to life all thanks to Virtual Reality. The goal in Catan is to take on actual other players (there is AI as well) all playing as settlers who try to establish as much of the colonies in this island known as Catan. You will need to acquire all the resources you can so you can build things like towns and roads and also trade with other players so in hopes you get the resources to gain the points and win the game.

Features include:

  • Classic Catan Gameplay, Now in VR – Experience the award-winning strategy classic for the first time in virtual reality.
  • Custom Catan Environment – Wheat sways, a mandolin strums, and clouds roll over the mountains as you play on the iconic island of Catan itself..
  • Invite-a-Friend & Matchmaking Multiplayer – Enjoy a game with longtime friends or take on the world-wide Catan community via online matchmaking.
  • Catan AI Personalities – Play vs. classic Catan AI opponents designed with guidance from Catan creator Klaus Teuber. * Cross-Platform Play – Rift vs. Go vs. Quest? No problem.

So do you have that trust personality about you to make the trade? What conversations will you have with other players? Can you become victorious when it’s all said and done? Find out with Catan VR out now on the Oculus Quest/Quest 2 and is also available on the Oculus Rift/SOculus Go, and Gear VR on the Oculus Store, PlayStation VR, and Steam

Also, check out the Catan VR review.

Until then…please enjoy…

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