Unplugged Has Unleashed The Tracks…

November 9, 2021 ·

Ever since the review of Unplugged, I have been enjoying my time with it more and more while trying my hardest to unlock those final songs. Part of the reason was I kept going back to certain songs while the other part was trying to master the different goals with the different difficulties. There were some things like not all the notes would register. Again, this didn’t happen all the time, but when it did, it made it more of a challenge trying to get that next album to unlock. Well, the developer, Anotherway, has heard the chants and heard the cheers of the crowd and have released a new patch that has many of what the fans have been wanting including:

  • All songs are unlocked at start
  • Improved upstrumming. Now is easier to upstream
  • Players will unlock venues when they complete album challenges
  • Album challenges redesigned according to user feedback
  • Difficulty balanced according to user feedback. It’s harder to die in easier levels
  • Improved upstrumming: Now is easier to upstrum
  • Reduced the percentage of success notes played to achieve a golden record
  • Balanced guitar Fans price
  • Volume raised in some songs
  • Minor bug fixes

This is awesome news and shows that the developer is listening to make Unplugged the best rocking experience around. So don’t hesitate, grab your Oculus Quest/Quest 2, turn on that hand tracking, and rock on!!!

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