Quest 2 Players, Get Ready To Become Iron Man…

October 26, 2022 ·

With the news that developer Camouflaj joining Oculus Studios, some have some wondering what that meant. Well, with their title Republique VR already out for the Oculus platform, there were many who questioned, what about the title Marvel’s Iron Man VR that was originally on PlayStation VR? Well, it looks like we got our answer at the latest Meta Connect 2022 and that Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be coming to the Quest 2. For those that have played the game on PlayStation VR, there is something about suiting up for the first time as the Marvel superhero. In the game, you will take to the skies and play as the one and only Tony Stark where you will get to customize and try out the weapons and fly through the skies as you get ready to encounter the mysterious villain Ghost and her army.

Features include:

  • Use intuitive Meta Quest Touch controllers to soar through the skies and locations around the world
  • Take down enemies with Repulsor Blasts and other powerful weapons
  • Tinker in Tony’s garage to customize and upgrade Iron Man’s armor, gadgets, gear, and weapons
  • Experience an Iron Man story made exclusively for VR
  • Immerse yourself in the Marvel universe with characters like Pepper Potts and Nick Fury
  • Challenge other players on global leaderboards

Will you be prepared for what’s coming? Can you stop Ghost and her army? Are you ready to put on the suit? Find out when Marvel’s Iron Man VR comes to Quest 2 on the Oculus Store on November 3, 2022.

Until then…please enjoy…

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