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Could The Oculus Quest Pro Be Announced At This Year’s Facebook Connect?

September 14, 2021 ·

We already know that Facebook Connect is coming on October 28, 2021. Last year it was announced that Oculus Quest 2 would be launching along with some new games that were coming that we are still enjoying to this day. But it looks like some hardware news could be and hopefully will be announced at this year's Facebook Connect. But it seems that due to an Oculus Quest v32 firmware file, not only will there is the mention of a… Read more.

Save The Date For Facebook Connect…

September 4, 2021 ·

October is a great time of the year. We have Halloween, the weather is as nice as can be, and we have Facebook Connect. The annual conference includes AR and VR for developers of these technologies. This year it looks like due to the ongoing pandemic, the event will be online only again this year. But this is always a fun event as we hopefully will see new games and maybe even new hardware announced. Last year on October 13,… Read more.

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