When The World Appears To Be Too Big To Overcome, Sometimes You Have To Become One With The Wilds To Survive It…

May 11, 2024 ·

We used to live under the sun and the moon. The days were long, but adventurous. The nights were peaceful and the stars and moon lit up the sky. We learned every day of our lives and passed on the skills that we gathered down to the next generation. There were stories of the giants which gave us more sense of adventure than we knew what to do with. But as time passed, so did the giants. But to conquer what we lost, to what we have known, we must venture out to be amongst them and help protect those who need protecting and for those who are voiceless, to have a voice. This is our time and I, Vanguard, will do what must be done, no matter the size I come up against.

Features include:

  • BUILD – Scavenge or refine resources to construct encampments with multiple material tiers, from wood to stone. Build your own permanent structure safely at the top of your very own Great Tree
  • CRAFT – Pick up your builder’s hammer at the workbench and craft the weapons, various armor sets, and tools that’ll aid your survival in this vast, dangerous world
  • NATURE – Experience a world of giant insects and towering arachnids. Some take kindly to strange beings in their homes, others do not. Tame and customize creatures to join your stables, and take arms against enemies – this world and its inhabitants are yours to conquer
  • EXPLORE – Adventure through a land forgotten by time, with ancient relics from a long-forgotten era. Traverse stone sewers, sandy beaches, winding tunnels, and dense caverns as you explore the land of the giants

What will you build? What will you encounter? Do you have the courage to conquer what has been lost? Find out with Smalland: Survive the Wilds VR out now for Quest 2, 3, & Pro on the Meta Store.

Until then…please enjoy…

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