Can You Save The Spacefolk?

October 19, 2021 ·

We Spacefolk have always been happy to reside in Spacefolk City. It has everything you could want. It has friendly neighbors, it thrives with life, and we even have our own catchy music we dance to. But something happened that we were not expecting, the destruction of Spacefolk City. The solar flares and other activities that we could or could not have been prevented (as we are still conducting the investigation on that) have destroyed our homes. Each of us has a story to tell along with talents that can help rebuild and find new homes for us Spacefolk, we just need a little help to build again.

Features include:

  • Build homes and facilities that are decorated with items matching Folk’s interests
  • Special abilities unique to each species
  • Construct a floating city in free space
  • Enjoy the tectile sensation of hand-placing buildings at any orientation
  • Create unusual and unique urban layouts in VR
  • Interact with eclectic cast of Spacefolk, coplete with a diverse array of abilities and personalities
  • Channel your inner home renovator with a range of absurd objects and items
  • A diverse and funky soundtrack with music inspired by late-70s electro-disco and early 80s electro-pop

How will you build? What objects will you use? Can you make the Spacefolk happy? Find out when Spacefolk City comes to the Oculus Store on October 21, 2021, and coming soon to Steam.

Until then…please enjoy…

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