Fracked Releases New Gameplay Trailer To Get You In The Fracking Mood…

June 5, 2021 ·

When it’s winter there is a couple of things that we know for sure. It’s cold, you have to keep warm, and sometimes you just have to have the right equipment in your arsenal to really frack things up. Those goons who are trying to control this place, have no fracking idea of who they are fracking dealing with. It’s about to be a fracking good time.

Features include:

Freedom of Movement – move freely with 1:1 accuracy throughout the level even if that means being on foot, climbing, ziplining, or skiing down the mountain.

Interactive and Special Weapons – If you like a good shotgun, smg, or a good pistol you will be covered and will add a new dimension to gunplay. So you will need to think on your feet, make every bullet count, and don’t forget to duck behind cover.

Become a Hero – Don’t just claim a title, step into the role and become the hero you were meant to be. But that doesn’t mean you have to do this all alone, you have backup support with Rozalez. The perfect foil, an eco-warrior with a colorful personality and witty charm. She’s a companion you can count on when the bullets start flying.

The Sky is the Limit – get ready for something more with the verticality of the virtual environment. Get ready to be thrown into all the action with imposing mountains, the steep ski slopes, bottomless mine shafts, running while on foot, climbing, ziplining through the levels, bet ready as the sky is really the limit.

Everyone Will Be FRACKED – When you enter your mission, there are not just some parts that can be visited, but everything throughout the mission can be visited.

Are you ready for the action? Can you think fast enough on your feet? Are you ready to get FRACKED? Find out when Fracked comes to PlayStation VR in the Summer of 2021.

Until then…please enjoy…

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