Squishies – The Review

October 4, 2019 ·

Certain genres can work very well in Virtual Reality where they may not get the life they need otherwise. Sometimes that life has such a heart that can end up looking at you with such opening eyes that you cannot help but caught up in its world. But what if that world could be looked at from different views? What if just by the looks of that world, someone passed it by without a chance to actually explore it? So does Developer Brainseed Factory show us a way of exploring a puzzle-solving world from a different view? Let’s find out with Squishies for the PlayStation VR.

So what really is Squishies all about and why should you play it? First…I mean look at them. How can you not just want to take them and squish them?

Sorry about that…let’s continue. Squishies is a puzzle-solving game where you must roll the Squishies from the start point to the endpoint to help get them home safely. Now I know what you might be thinking, go from point A to point B…just hand you a DualShock 4 controller and you got this, correct? Well, no DualShock 4 will be used. Instead, you must use air to push and pull the Squishies. But it’s not your typical way. You will need to use both Move controllers that will be represented by Alien Fish Friends. Yes, Alien Fish Friends are here for you to use to allow air to push and pull all the Squishies home. Don’t worry, you will still have this.

But these magic Alien Fish Friends do more than just push and pull via air. They can make the world appear on a smaller scale or make it bigger so you are right there with the Squishies, as well as rotate the levels. But you got to be careful as too much air may make your Squishies fall off the ledge, into lava, into the water, and other obstacles that may end up having your Squishies end their life for a split second only to then feel this attachment that has suddenly ended because you decided to name it and you then start to have these bad memories growing up about the family pet that you really didn’t know what happened to it. So save yourself the trauma of bringing up bad memories, and take your time and send your Squishies home. Just keep in mind with anything new, it will take just a little bit of time to get used to your new Alien Fish Friends.

With each level that you complete, the next one gets a little tricker. Not only that but when you start adding multiple Squishies and trying to collect crystals, things can get a little hectic. Especially, when there are parts that Squishies can jump and you tried to do a trick shot to blow air to make BOB (yes I named my first Squishie BOB…don’t judge) to then try to land on that corner because there was lava, but end up frying BOB…R.I.P. BOB, you will be truly missed.

The great thing is, if your Squishies die, it’s not just game over. They will start over from the last starting point. Either from the beginning or by checkpoints that once your Squishie rolls over them, reacts like a fountain. Some levels will require you to use an Alien Fish Friend to move your Squishie only to be denied by a platform that needs to be moved. This could mean you may have to move your Squishies on a certain block or blow air on a creature. The fun part is the discovery of what needs to happen.

Of course, the Story Mode is just part of the fun. But looking at the design of the levels, there is just something special as you roll your Squishies around. I mean wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create your own levels? Well, get ready to be creative in Creative Mode. Yes, you get to build your own levels and the Level Editor is so easy, so simple to use that you will feel like an Immortal as you create until you decide you can create no more. The creation goes from naming your level to making your own avatar to making it however you would like. You want it simple and to the point…go for it. You want it difficult to the point of throwing your Move controllers…go for it. The only thing stopping you is your creative mind.

But what is the fun of creating if you cannot share your levels and play other player’s levels as well? Thanks to the awesome team of Brainseed Factory, they have added this to Squishies. From the main menu, you can go to the Community and see the amazing levels that other players just like you have created and shared. And just like the levels you create, in one click, you can have yours with the greats. Oh, but there is one caveat to the whole creating your own levels and sharing them. Once you create your level, you must first be able to complete it yourself before you can share it. So again, create your madness, but be careful of the madness you create. If you cannot control the madness, the madness could control you.

Graphics wise, everything is colorful and even when you zoom out or in, the detail is there. That is really important as it keeps the immersion going. If a Squishie falls into the lava or water, for example, it’s very clear to make out what it is. I love the color choices for the Squishies as it somehow adds personality to them.

Sound-wise, the music is calm and a joy to hear. At times gives that old school sound with an added newness that just sounds refreshing. Nothing too loud and nothing too quiet, it’s just the right kind of mix that compliments everything so well.


If there is anything I would love to see is the option to have multiple people playing at the same time in a race of not only trying to get their Squishies safely sent home but at the same time trying to knock off yours. But that is more of a wish than anything. When you take the ability to create your own levels, upload those levels so that others can play, play other user-created levels, try to beat the fastest time, and add to the replayability, you have something very special here.

Squishies shows us that when something that we may not be used to, can be something we want to be a part of if we just take the time to look at things from a different view, appreciate the value,  and allow yourself to have some fun.


Squishies is out now on PlayStation VR. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Squishies, please visit the site. To learn more about Brainseed Factory, please visit their sitelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have some more levels to create.

Mr. PSVR, November 28, 2018, theplaystationbrahs.com
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