Will Your Skills Be Enough To Embrace The Wisdom That You Seek?

December 31, 2023 ·

They say it’s life, the breath it breaths, is just folklore. But we know it is more than that. What’s out there, what spawns into new life, must not live to see a new tomorrow. For generations, it has been said that there will be only one who can fight against the monsters and be the one marked to return. As part of the Watchers, I have always felt as if there was something special, something more that I must do. This will not be an easy task and courage cannot be taken for granted. It is time this pilgrim stands out of my own shadow and casts the magic that will end their lifeblood for eternity.

Features include:

  • Competitive Leaderboards with Exclusive Rewards: Engage in monthly and seasonal challenges. Excel in the arenas, amass points, and climb the leaderboards to earn exclusive rewards
  • Diverse Gameplay Modes: Each new arena introduces innovative gameplay modes, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience
  • Customizable Arsenal and Card System: Refine your combat style with an arsenal of upgradable weapons with unique characteristics and abilities, and a tactical card system. Utilize cards for passive skills or to craft strategic items like barricades and traps, enhancing your gameplay experience
  • A Dynamic World with Astute Adversaries: The environment evolves constantly. Meanwhile, the monsters exhibit social behaviors, undertake tasks, form alliances, and modify the surroundings, ensuring every game is a unique challenge
  • Clockpunk Universe Inspired by European Folklore: Immerse yourself in a dark fantasy world, drawing inspiration from European locations and age-old tales
  • VR Only with Stellar Performance: Primarily designed for standalone VR, yet fully compatible with PCVR, Wisdom Watcher allows you to confront hordes of over 20 mobs simultaneously, all while experiencing outstanding real-time in-game lighting

How will you handle the evolving environment? Can you take on the monsters? Where will you be on the leaderboards? Find out with Wisdom Watcher, out now for Quest 2, 3, & Pro via Oculus App Lab on the Meta Store and Steam VR and coming to PlayStation VR2.

Until then…please enjoy…

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