Ghost Giant – The Review

October 6, 2019 ·

What if we all had a special friend that no one else could see, but we in our heart of hearts knew was there. Would you tell anyone or would the fear of what people may think to change your decision? If something in your own personal life was almost too much weight to carry, would you break down or keep the fight going just to keep some type of normalcy around? But what if it was your own child who had to fight that fight. Would they know how to handle things or would there happen to be something that could guide them to the light at the end of the tunnel? It really makes you think about not only your own life but those around you and theirs? But has Developer Zoink Games bring out something special from within? I am going to answer this now and say that yes they have. Let’s find out more with Ghost Giant for the PlayStation VR.

In Ghost Giant, you play as a giant ghost who meets the main character called Louis. From the moment you are introduced and hearing Louis cry to realizing that you are not there to scare him but help him to even call you Ghost Giant, there is already a range of emotions that pulls you in and develops this bonding friendship that is stronger than anything else. Within the first three minutes, I knew I was in for something special that I hoped would never end.

So being a giant ghost as much fun, clever, and heartwarming as Ghost Giant is, being a giant ghost standing there and not doing anything may not be as much fun to some and that is not what Zoink Games wants you to experience. So you will need to make sure both Move controllers are charged as you will be using your arms and hands to interact with the environment as well as helping Louis in his journey while trying to come over some things that you can tell that is bothering him and he is trying to not let anyone else know or let anyone else in.

But some interactions may not be as easy as others. It’s when Louis starts to interact more with the village of Sancourt and the people that live there that some interactions may be a little trickier than others. But at times when you may not know what to do, there is a couple of things to help you along the way. Some times you can interact with Louis who will let you know what needs to happen which came in handy at one point when he told me he needed something blue.

The other part that will help and I think is beautifully done is the conversations that are going on with the characters. At times there could be someone say something to the right of you, even though you are trying to focus on Louis and other times there will be multiple conversations going on at the same time. But I love how those conversations fit into the story as well as give you a sense that the village of Sancourt is almost like a real place with daily tasks that you might experience.

The interactions are well crafted and thought out. I love how you are able to not only interact with the other citizens just to see the type of reactions they may have but also when you see anything made out of brass and able to move it or remove it to reveal something special like hats, that then you can place on the characters, basketballs that you can pick up and try to throw and make baskets to even interacting with the clouds just adds something special to the mix.

But the interactions are not everything that makes up Ghost Giant. There is another part that brings the perfect balance to the journey and that is the story being told. While trying to help Louis in his journey, you start to realize that something is bothering him and he is not wanting to let anyone else in and all while trying to be as brave as possible. It’s the type of story that will hit closer to home to many than you might think.

Let’s talk about the sound. From beginning to end, the music of the soundtrack to hearing the birds and to the conversations all do an outstanding job to help bring the story of Ghost Giant alive. I loved hearing the piano play between scenes to the village as it comes alive with the cars passing by and the interactions between the characters and depending on the part of the story, hearing the music change to match the scene as well as the voice acting is all beautifully done.

Graphics is equally impressive with the way the life of Sancourt comes alive with colors as well as helping bring the life of those who live there. Each scene is like a play with the heart and soul being put into each scene. I loved how when certain parts of the story would be more dramatic and the lights of Sancourt would become a little darker. Again, it’s these small touches that make Ghost Giant one that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate the story being told.

When you come across something really special from beginning to end that will not let you forget it even when it ends says something. Ghost Giant does just that while telling a story that many can relate to by either being the one that is going through it or by the one that is witnessing it. And sometimes in life, it may not seem like we have anyone to talk to and try to keep things hidden, sometimes we just need a giant ghost of a friend to help us realize that with some trust and openness, we can get through even the toughest things in life.

Ghost Giant is out now on PlayStation VR. A review code was provided. To learn more about Zoink Games, please visit their sitelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to go back and collect all the collectibles I might have missed.

Mr. PSVR, April 20, 2019,
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