Do You Have The Power To Master The light?

April 21, 2024 ·

Some say the light has the power. But to know the power of the light, one must feel the pulse of the power, harness the unstoppable magic from within, and become in tune with one’s self to become the master of the power of the light. It won’t be an easy journey, but no one said that stopping any threats to. It’s up to you to unleash it all.

Features include:

  • Hand Tracking and ControllersEmbrace the future of gaming with intuitive, precise hand-tracking technology, allowing players to control the game using natural hand movements. For those who prefer a more traditional gameplay experience, Masters of Light also supports motion controls using Meta’s Touch controllers
  • Multiple Difficulty ModesWith three levels of difficulty (Knight, Master, Grand Master), the game offers challenges suitable for all players, from beginners to VR veterans
  • Superpowers – Players will master and upgrade five distinct superpowers, including the awe-inspiring ability to freeze time, offering a unique edge in the battle against the shadows
  • Diverse Enemies and Challenges – Face off against seven types of enemies across 36 levels, each designed for unlimited replayability to improve scores and unlock 20 unique trophies
  • Multi-language Support – Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese, Masters of Light aims to captivate VR enthusiasts from around the world

Are you ready to join the fight? What powers will you use? Are you ready to become the master of light? Find out when MASTERS OF LIGHT comes to Quest 2, 3, & Pro on the Meta Store in May of 2024, and also coming to Steam VR.

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