Quest 2/3/Pro Players Get Ready To Do That Crooked Grind & Ride Those Rails…

March 30, 2024 ·

Ever since VR Skater: SL was released on Pico, and VR Skater was released for PlayStation VR2 and Steam VR, Quest players have been asking when they would get their chance to attempt to perform their favorite tricks and skate like there is no tomorrow. Well, the developer has heard you and heard you well, and soon you will get your wish. Designed from the ground up for VR to give you the most authentic, challenging, and immersive skating game ever. With manuals, grinds, slides, grabs, and finger tricks to master – start at the Academy Park to get to grips with it all. On graduating from the Academy, you’ll be equipped with all the skills necessary to navigate your way through the 5 tour parks and ranked parks, each inspired by global street skateboarding championships. 

Features include:

  • Standalone VR experience: Designed to work with standalone VR headsets, allowing you to skate without needing a powerful PC
  • Championship-inspired maps: The game features multiple maps designed based on real-world skateboarding championships, offering a realistic experience
  • Smooth concrete terrain: Provides a realistic feel for skateboarding tricks
  • Indoor street parks: Offer a variety of challenges and obstacles to performing tricks on
  • Skate shop: Allows you to customize your skateboard with new decks, trucks, wheels, and grip tape as you progress through the game

What tricks will you try? What rules will you follow? Are you ready to skate like you have always thought about? Find out when Deficit Games and Perp Games bring VR Skater: SL to Meta Quest 2, 3, & Pro in the Spring of 2024.

*Trailer coming soon

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