Get Ready To Enter The Gate Of Hell…

March 31, 2021 ·

They say that the day before Halloween is Devil’s Night. One where all hell breaks loose. They must have been planning this for some time because something weird started happening the day before Halloween. Something just didn’t feel right. The sky turned black and that’s when the invasion happened. The trees all disappeared…the buildings that stood tall, collapsed into nothing, and the rivers, those calm rivers were no longer rivers but almost like a gravesite waiting to put bodies in. London was the same even after all these years. That’s when we, the Templar Maxine, decided to make a change. Our community decided to stand together…to fight together and let those demons hold us any longer. But we found a way to make those weapons to help and protect us and humanity against all of them. There is talk of a new task that will help these people known as ‘Operation CLAPHAM’, that can get food and water to those out there and help them survive. We can’t stand by and wait any longer, we must take our city back at any cost.

Features include:

  • Experience the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of Hellgate: London more vividly in a sophisticated virtual world.
  • Experience the battle against demons by boarding a vehicle, train, or helicopter.
  • Experience dangerous cliff roads and dynamic water slides.
  • Experience realistic battles with giant bosses.

Will you help save London? Can humanity be saved? When hell opens the gate, will you step through? Find out with Hellgate VR out now on Steam and coming soon to PlayStation VR.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy…

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