How Will You Handle The Reimagined?

January 10, 2020 ·

Imagine a time of retro-styled shooters. Shooters that required you to use your hand-eye coordination to the fullest. But what if the concept be reimagined into a new way of playing, a new way that only could be done in Virtual Reality? Imagine your body as the weapon, drones and guns to use, and drones with shields. There is not longer a time to think if this could ever become a reality, the time is now in Virtual Reality.

Features include:

  • Your Own Body – you are your best weapon. With the 6 degrees’ body motion control system, you are in full control of the spaceship movements. Get your heart racing as you dodge enemy bullets and avoid obstacles.
  • The Arsenal – Use your drones and frontal heavy guns to turn enemies into galactic ashes.
  • Tactical Shields – Drones can be used to defend you with shields if you need it. Your spaceship has a built-in frontal shield, so be careful how you use them.
  • Spaceships – Five spaceships to help you become the best. Each with their own different life, damage, agility, and shield powers:

00-ROOKIE – Designed as a civil spaceship, but has been upgraded to a battleship. However, since this is the basic of the basic, winning the war might be a little tough with this one, so you might want to upgrade asap.

LUV-5 – Are you one that is well rounded? Solid, but may not have the punch? This medium ship has laser caibre canons as well as the drones, but with the ability to generate shields.

LAN-R00 – If being a miner is in your blood, then this spaceship was meant for you. Being a very solid killing machine, you will favor strong generative shield over the guns, but your drones are tough and powerful.

CU-1P – If you want strong generative shields and a very powerful laser canon, then this might be the ship for you. Being able to take a lot of damage could be the priority you are looking for.

RAPTOR-JZ – is what happens when you take a ship that was designed for ground support to support in war fields and give it some lethal mid -calibre cannons. What you get in the lack of shields, you make up with the agility and damage to hopefully win the war.

  • Deadly Environments – Fight through the asteroid belt around Kasnor, a deadly cargo vessel, dessert, and forest, you never know what may try to attack you.
  • Global Leaderboards – Prove who is the best in the world will be.

Remember, by Early Access now, you will receive a Pioneer’s Badge and also be able to unlock the Alien Spaceship by beating the game within the first two weeks of release. Also, don’t forget that there are Steam Achievements and if you are in the Top 100 Scorers within the first two weeks, you will be entered into a raffle for a chance to name the upcoming fifth world in Taurus VR.

So do you have what it takes to stop the alien threat? Will you be able to use your body to take you to the next level? Can your body handle this amount of adrenaline? Find out when Taurus VR comes to PCVR on January 17, 2020, on Steam Early Access and with the final release for both Steam and the Oculus Store in the Summer of 2020. Download the demo now.

Until then…please enjoy…

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