If The World You Entered That Was Neither Simple Nor Safe, What Would You Expect Of The Outcome?

May 19, 2024 ·

The linking books are a bit strange in their own rights, simple to create, but powerful enough for you to enter the portals…the ages if you will. But I understand you might want to get back, which I can help, but in order to help you, I need your help. My wife, Catherine, is being held prisoner back in her home Age of Riven, and being held hostage by…him. That rift you saw when you entered originally, was caused because of the final book that escaped. It has to be returned and we don’t have much time. Take this book. That look on your face, you are familiar with it, aren’t you?

Features include:

  • Riven – Travel to Riven, a mysterious island-filled land on the verge of collapse, to rescue Atrus’ wife, Catherine. Explore Riven, solve puzzles to reveal its mysteries, find Catherine, and make your escape
  • Explore the otherworldly land of Riven – Riven takes you on a journey through a world filled with surreal islands, each meticulously crafted with unparalleled attention to detail. From dense, lush jungles to awe-inspiring caverns, every corner will immerse you in an otherworldly adventure
  • Conquer Mind-Bending Puzzles to Unravel Riven’s Secrets – Challenge your intellect with Riven’s cunning puzzles woven through its narrative, offering a unique experience that unfolds as you delve deeper into the enigmatic world
  • An Expanded World to Explore – Created by legendary indie developer Cyan Worlds, and based on the award-winning original release from 1997, Riven expands its epic narrative beyond both Myst AND the original edition of Riven
  • Fully Re-imagined Gaming Experience – Experience Riven like never before, soon playable on Quest 2 and Quest 3. This brand-new, re-imagined, and expanded edition of Riven offers a deeper story, new captivating visuals, and a gaming experience that stays true to the original while also expanding Riven’s world

What questions will you have? What secrets will be discovered? Can you trust anyone? Find out when Riven comes to Quest 2 & 3 on the Meta Store in the Summer of 2024.

Until then…please enjoy…

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