New Features Are Coming To The Oculus Quest Family…

September 17, 2020 ·

With an amazing Facebook Connect that officially announced the Oculus Quest 2. I know that there is some split thoughts and views as far as having to have a Facebook account to even use the Oculus Quest 2 or any device from Facebook in the future and everyone is entitled to their thoughts and views. But I see where Facebook is coming from and wanting to do. Being able to attend an even virtually with friends or strangers that could become friends all while enjoying the same event and being able to talk without really disturbing others is an experience and is pretty fun if just given the chance. Again, I understand and respect everyone’s views on the mandatory Facebook Account login. But for those that decide to go the route of having a Facebook account so you can use the awesome Oculus Quest 2, there are some new features coming.

  • Facebook Messenger is one feature that is coming to Oculus Quest so that way it is easier to schedule a time to play in VR together. So while in VR, you will be able to invite friends and family with Messenger and be able to join your experience or game. Not only that, but you can chat from within VR to anyone that has Messenger.
  • New Oculus Avatars – with billions of customizations, your avatar will be uniquely you. And not only will your avatar be yours to personalize, but developers will also be able to use these avatars in new ways within the games and experiences.
  • Challenges – Get ready to create and participate in challenges in tournaments from others including the developers. They can be a daily challenge to weekly. So it’s a matter of just trying to have some fun competitive challenges with friends, family, and the VR community.

So get ready to communicate, be represented in your own personal way, and become the best that you can, when these features come to Oculus Quest.

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