RUNNER Races It Way Onto PlayStation VR2

March 11, 2023 ·

Back in April 2021, we learned of a game that was to give us the freeform of 360-degree VR shooting known as RUNNER. This first-person arcade driving combat game embraces the unique visual style of late 1980’s prestige anime and brings some enormous and intense boss encounters. And it looks like not only has the game progressed nicely, but it’s ready for you to try and take control through the procedurally-generated levels so every playthrough is unique.

Features include:

  • Freeform 360-degree VR shooting
  • Blisteringly fast motorcycle combat with full maneuvering control
  • Unlockable bikes with unique attributes and abilities
  • Intuitive gameplay with upgradeable sidearm mods
  • Combine mounted gun upgrades to create unique weapons
  • Utilize missiles and grenades as part of your arsenal
  • Deflect incoming fire with the energy saber
  • Execute time-bending special moves with R.U.S.H. mode
  • 7 Procedurally-generated levels unique to every playthrough
  • High-speed encounters with varied enemy types
  • Chain together combos for massive scores
  • Enormous and intense boss encounters
  • Fully-voiced narrative single-player experience
  • Featuring the voices of Steve Blum, Sandra Saad, and Richard Epcar
  • Multiple difficulty and comfort options
  • Hidden trophies and global leaderboards
  • Dynamic soundtrack by Fat Bard
  • Includes the free graphic visual novel, PREAMBLE, fully voiced by a veteran cast
  • Includes the VR-compatible VisualizerCore Soundtrack App

Will you be able to control it at high speeds? Can you deflect all incoming fire? Are you ready to run? Find out with RUNNER out now for the Quest 2/Pro and PlayStation VR2.

Until then…please enjoy…

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