Shadow Legend VR – The Review

January 21, 2020 ·

Sometimes when I am in VR, I think about different ways to escape and who to become. I can become anyone and do anything from going on an adventure to seeing things from a perspective that otherwise, I wouldn’t get to see. But there is something about going on an adventure in a far off land and be put on a quest that is one of my favorite types of genres to experience. But has Developer Vitruvius Technologies allowed us to embark on a new quest with interaction? Let’s find out with Shadow Legend VR for the PlayStation VR.

Now, before we begin, you will want to make sure that both Move controllers are charged as you will be using them to hold your weapons, cast some spells, shoot some arrows, and interacting. I will say that the control layout for the Move controllers worked very well here and being able to just reach behind your back to draw a weapon such as a bow had no delays or tracking issues.

Before you jump right in, go to the options and have everything thing set up which is best for you. You start by teleporting, but this can easily be changed to have that nice roam movement that you can go in the direction depending on where you are looking. I do like how the inventory and settings are on the left Move controller, while the crouching and rotating are done with the right Move controller as this layout just seemed more natural.


So what is that you do in Shadow Legend VR you might be wondering? Well, in this action-RPG adventure, you play as the Grand Master in the medieval realm of Anaria. But in these times, it’s not so much the people you have to worry about, but the Gods, Evelyn, the Goddess of Light and Adaroth, the God of Darkness are at war and it is up to you to hopefully end this battle. But it will not be easy, as you being the Grand Master, you have knights that will help protect this realm of Anaria, but once they become defeated, they rise to become the undead sort of speak and their souls will not rest until the death that has consumed them has been put to rest or in your case sliced and diced.

But one can not simply go out to defend against the darkness without a weapon as that would be crazy. So before you try and jump right into the action, take a look at your surroundings. Not only did I feel like I belonged here, but there was something that seemed to have me at ease and making me want to look around. Yes, the details in the blacksmith of a shop had this cozy friendly vibe as I was looking around only to hear a voice call out to me. You will want to look around as you will find coins, jewels, runes, chests and books to name a few at least along with some music that really sets the tone of it all. But the coins and jewels and other items you can collect could be anywhere from a chair to the rafters above that you will need to climb up to. And don’t worry, yes the lights above can hold your weight. But it’s when you pick up a book or have a conversation with the other characters that surprised me a little. When you pick up a book, a narration starts to read it for you. When you start talking with a character, the words pop up right in front of you and when you have a choice of what to say, just touch that section of words to continue the conversation. It really all is well done.

But the interaction is not just with items per se, but to the animals, you may encounter. When you are out in the courtyard and come across the dog, you can pet him and he just looks right into your eyes as he is looking into your soul knowing that you will protect everyone. Feel free to grab a stick and play some fetch or feed its hunger or yours by cooking a steak dinner over an open fire. The horses you may see are really more just standing there that you can feed carrots to that I would have loved to be able to ride one as part of the story being told. This is also where you will get introduced to the bow and arrow and test out your archery skills that work very well as well. Practice now, as you will be glad you did when there are some moving targets later on.

As much fun as interacting with the locals and your knights, it’s when you start to get into the action of the smaller parts of the quest that helps things shine. When you start to fight with the undead and start swinging and blocking with your weapon, you will start to see markings where you can make your strike into the dead with cut off their limbs and even their head. Yes, some may say it’s disturbing, but I am not the one going into some other realm to try and scare the people and not expect any repercussions for this evil deed. So sometimes you have to do what you have to do. But be careful as the undead like to attack and you have to pay attention to your health that you will need to have it refilled either by potions that you may have to mix, holy water, and even cooking a steak over a fire that is just cooked to perfection.

But it’s not all about swinging a weapon here as there will some puzzles that will need to be solved. This could be as simple as finding a wheel to even solving some rhymes in order to get into a door to access a certain part of the level that you cannot get to. I found that the puzzles were not too difficult (sometimes with the rhymes you just need to think a little) and had the right mix of difficulty that needed to be placed here.

Earlier I mentioned about jewels and other things you can collect. There will be parts on your quest where you will encounter characters that have new weapons you can purchase like a staff that can shoot lightning, an ax that you can throw the blade and have it come back to you, to even new and improved swords. But some of these items will require more money than you can sell the items that you find and bargain with the characters, but also you may need to have a certain amount of runes to collect. So you will want to again, make sure you explore everything as you never know where or who maybe flying around taunting you as you vow to destroy them and then have this inner peace with yourself after they fall to the ground and secretly or not secretly say “that’s for flying and taunting me”.

If there is anything I would love to see here would be additional enemies and even more areas to explore. Yes, you do have some enemies that will swing their sword and some that will fire arrows that you can attempt to block with your weapon that looks pretty cool as the arrows pierce through your weapon and stick. The levels are very detailed and I was happy about the amount of detail that was being presented in the smallest of things, but I just wanted more to explore and more enemies to battle within this war between light and dark. Shadow Legend VR is satisfying and the story is well told that allows you to do what you should do in Virtual Reality and that interacts with your surroundings in a fun way. Shadow Legend VR shows that sometimes we have to take the quest in life in order to battle our own light and darkness in order to see the way.

Shadow Legend VR is out now for PlayStation VR and is also available on the Oculus Store and Steam. A review code was provided.

To learn more about VitruviousVR, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have more interactions to do.

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