When The City Of Muckingham Needs Cleaning, There Is Only One Person For The Job…

June 6, 2023 ·

Muckingham is a city that you can be proud to call home. We have everything you could hope for. We have a museum, we work hard, and we are wholesome. If a pet goes missing, we put up signs, if there are strange things in the sky, we spread the rumors, and we give everything the yellow glove treatment when it comes to cleaning as we are not afraid to wash the dirt away. Yup, Muckingham is the town you can grow old in and worry about dirt no more…well, eventually.

Features include:

  • RELEASE THE PRESSURE – With 1:1 accuracy and control of the Quest Touch controllers, blasting away every speck of dirt and grime is a breeze. Reach up, get down, and lean in to tackle those pesky hard-to-reach spots, or sit back and wash your worries away
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Absorb the relaxing atmosphere and stress-free pace as you take the pressure off and strip dirt from patios, pavements, vehicles, and public parks
  • CLEAN UP THE NEIGHBOURHOOD – Escape to the quaint town of Muckingham, brought to life in true 360-degree immersion. The town may look wholesome but wash away the surface and not all of its residents are squeaky clean
  • POWERWASH AND CHILL – Relax and kick back with friends in the same shared space in online multiplayer

Will you be able to release the pressure or fall to it? Can you guarantee satisfaction? Do you have the skills to clean up the neighborhood? Find out when PowerWash Simulator VR comes to Quest 2/3/Pro in the Oculus Store in 2023.

Until then…please enjoy…

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