New Spectating PlayStation VR Patents¿

April 16, 2019 ·

How many times have you been to a sporting event or a concert and wish you had better viewing, don’t have to interact with those around you or even the traffic of getting to and from the event? But what if things could be taken a step further? Sure, right now, you can get add NextVR on the PlayStation VR that does have a way of being front row at comedy concerts or being close the ring of the WWE, while awesome, some of these are not full-length experiences. But it seems that Sony is once again creating some patent magic.

In a new patent recently published, it looks to where you would be able to join a live event of a real-life venue that will be streamed to you. But looking at the diagram, it would be pretty amazing to attend an E3 or maybe a PlayStation Experience or even a gaming league and virtually be there.

But the next patent that is comes about could be the most interesting one yet. Imagine playing a game that had spectators and sometimes we notice how those spectators are more generic and we wish that they could be more life like. What if you were somehow in the game? I am not talking about a computer model per say, but what if your look…your likeness were some how scanned and copied in the now which in turn gets transformed into the avatar that then can be able to view and take part in the game from spectator to even an NPC.

Just imagine being able to be somehow in your friends game cheering them on or possibly being able to distract them in real-time affecting the outcome of the game. Think about all the social aspects that could happen. I am all about technology and welcome this advancement. Now we just need to be able to incorporate all this into a new PS HOME in Virtual Reality.

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