Animal Force – The Review

October 3, 2019 ·

Animals can be great. Animals can have courage. Animals can even fight aliens. Wait…what? No think about it for one minute. If the Earth was being invaded by aliens from outer space and were somehow able to take a stand and fight…to defend, wouldn’t you be happy knowing all would be well protected and would be safe? We all know that is not going to happen, well, the invasion could and if all people were to be destroyed or taken captive, then I am just sure some of the animals may fight. Well, what if the concept was more realistic than you thought? But is Developer Internet Stars VR and Publisher Oasis Games able to bring that concept to life? Let’s find out with Animal Force for the PlayStation VR.

So you might be asking what is exactly Animal Force and what is it about? Animal Force is played in Tower Defense style, but it’s not what you think or expect, as it is so much more. Normally you would place whatever is in your arsenal on the 2D area and just let things battle, but not within Animal Force. Here you will be using animals and not just any normal animals, but ones with style and the will to do so. But we will get to this soon.

Animal Force 1 psvr.png

When you first start you have some options…Campaign Mode, Steal The Statue (where up to three non-VR players try to move a statue to the exits while the VR player tries to shoot them), Odd One Out allows up to 3 non-VR players and the object is to find the humans among the robots by pressing buttons that will reveal where the humans are represented by the DualShock 4 buttons (X, square, circle, and triangle buttons, but the non-VR players can hit the buttons to help hide the humans while the non-VR players try and collect bolts and reach the exit), Divide & Conga (this is for 1 VR and 1 non-VR player. The non-VR player must collect humans to form a conga line and lead them to the spaceship and the only way to prevent this is to shoot humans that will form a conga line to counteract).

So grab your one Move controller…yes, I said one and get ready for Campain Mode. Before we continue I want to applaud Internet Stars for the incorporation of being able to play with a single Move controller. Using two, at least I feel that it would not be that beneficial and it would feel more like it was just put in just because. So thank you for just adding what was needed and not adding what was not needed.

Now you could jump in or go through the tutorial. I mean I am sure you will do fine and survive with no issues. But are you really sure you want to take that chance? Don’t you want to succeed? If you even stopped for a second and thought about it or at least for the sake of appreciation of not for the love of animals but Internet Stars did put in the work to make this, so you can put the time in, plus it’s an enjoyable tutorial.

Before each level, your Move controller is represented by a rocket ship. I how Internet Stars has incorporated the movement with the Move controller. You can move the rocket ship just as if you were holding it in your hand. Want to tilt it, tilt the Move controller, want to go in that direction, move in that direction. I know this isn’t new, but just the way it replicates is done very well.

Now let’s get into how Animal Force is different. As the level starts you will see these lines. These lines represent where the enemies are going to go. Placing the animals near these lines will help them to be able to destroy their enemies. The more enemies you destroy will reward you with not only new animals based on the ones you have previously selected allowing you to have an even stronger force, but allowing you to strategize where you need to place them based on what enemies are coming, but also with stars.

But the challenge comes with the unknown. You will have no idea what type of enemies may surface, what type of damage they can do or even the amount of enemies that may appear. With all that said, we are talking about Animal Force, right? These are not your normal defending animals…they are the new heroes…the ones that will save us all.

Image result for animal force vr

What I found refreshing is how you can move one of the animals or move more to you want them. You see those enemy lines do not stay in the same spot, after a while, there are new lines that form, so plan accordingly. Once you have an animal to move, you can just simply touch another animal or multiple to join your line and place them where they are needed.

But what if the enemies become too strong? What if their firepower is too much for you to handle? If the last animal is destroyed, it is game over and you will feel bad. I mean you just not only let the world down by allowing the humans to be taken away onto the ship, but those animals who trusted you will no longer be able to fight. But what you could do is get those animals, move them around, and show everyone just what Animal Force is all about.

Remember, even when you are moving the animals, they will continue to fight. An animal with a shield can be used not only for protecting your team, but shields can destroy enemies. So use that to your advantage. Earlier I mentioned stars. The stars you collect are added up and before each level, you can upgrade the animals to even stronger ones. The more you upgrade, the more awesome each upgrade becomes.

The one thing that when I was playing and things were getting crazy, I kept thinking about how if only I would have selected Eagle instead of Bill or how Elk would have been better here. But when you first start out with only one animal and as you progress, you are able to select more. So it’s not really a bad thing, it just adds to the replayability that Animal Force brings. I just want all my animals to get equal defending time is all I am saying.

Don’t worry about immersion here as you are in the heart of the battle. There is no problem knowing how far things are or where the action is. Image-wise, everything looks really good and very detailed as it should be. If you are looking for some relaxing music while destroying the enemies, you have come to the right place and seems to compliment the action that is going on.

Animal Force doesn’t limit you to traditional rules but gives you the freedom to allow you to play in your style of defense…to play your way.  There is something special about animals joining together to help and protect and all I can say is I am pro Animal Team Force all the way. Sometimes we play games in hopes that a new standard of a genre will be set so others can try to meet and exceed that standard so that everyone can enjoy and it that may have happened here.

Animal Force is out now on PlayStation VR and is also available on Steam. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Oasis Games, please visit their site and make sure to like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have more upgrades to give to my Animal Force.

Mr. PSVR, July 21, 2018,
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