Can You Hide The Corpse In Time?

May 15, 2024 ·

The 70s was a time for groovy music and clothes. It was a time when the Beatles broke up and the Apollo 13 launched. Many things were happening, but it was not a party without Tom. You see, Tom knew how to handle every situation. He knew the music that needed to be played, and the dance moves to make, and he even knew how to party like it was 1999 before anyone thought about 1999. Yes, Tom is full of life, a real legend…well, was. You see, we went to visit Tom and that’s when we noticed that Tom wasn’t himself. In fact, Tom is dead and we didn’t do it. But, there have been some reports that something is going on and the police want to search the room. But if there is anything we learned from Tom that we will remember for the rest of our lives that is how to hide a corpse in a small amount of time. Even with Tom being dead, he still is the life of the party no matter what.

Features include:

  • Far Out Physics Playground: Grab the bod (and anything else that isn’t nailed down) and prepare for some wild physics action. This isn’t an average corpse – the body will bend, twist, and contort in ways that will have players screaming ‘FAR OUT’
  • Time [warp] Crunch: Think fast! With only 4 minutes on the clock, every second counts in this hilarious quest to dispose of the evidence before the fuzz find out
  • Infinite 70s Funkadelic Fun: Over 10 levels and 60 mind-blowing groovy hiding spots to test your skills against the clock, man. When it’s all said and done, it ain’t over – unlock righteous mini-games that’ll have you wigging out with far-out challenges
  • ‘Right On’ Adventure: Forget the blood and guts, this isn’t some B-movie nightmare. Hide the Corpse is all about having a groovy time and using your skills to stash a stiff in the most outrageously creative ways possible

Are you ready for the 70’s? What will you do with the physics? Are you ready to hide Tom’s body? Find out with Hide The Corpese comes to the Meta Quest Store. You can try the demo here. Also, why not back the KickStarter?

Until then…please enjoy…

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