DEEMO -Reborn- Receives New J-Pop Duo Egoist DLC…

March 21, 2020 ·

If you have enjoyed Deemo -Reborn- on PlayStation VR as much as I have, then you will be excited to know that there is new DLC to be had with featuring J-pop duo EGOIST and includes the following

All Alone With You – TV Mode difficulty: Easy 3 / Normal 5 / Hard 8 & VR Mode difficulty: Easy 3 / Hard 8.

Planetes – TV Mode difficulty: Easy 1 / Normal 3 / Hard 7 & VR Mode difficulty: Easy 2 / Hard 6.

KIMI SORA KISEKI – TV Mode difficulty: Easy 2 / Normal 4 / Hard 7 & VR Mode difficulty: Easy 2 / Hard 7.

Ghost of a Smile – TV Mode difficulty: Easy 1 / Normal 3 / Hard 6 & VR Mode difficulty: Easy 1 / Hard 6.

DEPARTURES ANATANI OKURU AINO UTA – TV Mode difficulty: Easy 2 / Normal 5 / Hard 7 & VR Mode difficulty: Easy 3 / Hard 6

This just shows that the Developer cares and any time there is some DLC that goes with some beauty, it really can be magical. The good news is that right now, you can download the EGOIST DLC for free until April 19, 2020.

Also, check out the Deemo -Reborn- review.

In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy…

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