Get Ready For The Perp Games Summer Spectacular…

May 21, 2020 ·

Yes, Summer. I know these are still very much crazy times, but as things slowly and hopefully get back to normal, Perp Games is wanting to get in the Summer spirit with the Summer Spectacular. So what is this Summer Spectacular you might be wondering? Beginning June 19, 2020, Perp Games along with some amazing Developers are bringing the goods with some Physical releases. But what are the games? Are they action, or racing or even Survival Horror ones? Let’s get in with a closer look…

  • June 19th – will bring the high-octane racing with hundreds of races and dozens of cars to unlock with Mini Motor Racing X PlayStation from The Binary Mill for PlayStation VR.
  • June 26th – get ready for the ultimate wingsuit thrill ride with Rush VR from The Binary Mill for PlayStation VR.
  • July 3rd – get ready to hit the shooting range with the world’s most powerful weaponry with Gun Club VR from The Binary Mill for PlayStation VR.
  • July 3rd – get ready to explore Wonderland with Down The Rabbit Hole from Cortopia Studios for PlayStation VR.
  • July 10 – get ready to experience Budget Cuts from NEAT Corporation for PlayStation VR.
  • July 31 – Get ready to use your head in the zaniest possible way with Headmaster Extra Time Edition from Frame Interactive for PlayStation VR.

Given the craziness of everything, this Summer is going to look amazing for Virtual Reality.

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