Anyone’s Diary – The Review

October 5, 2019 ·

Mental health is in no way a joking matter. One can suffer from the anxiety of depression, trying to do the right thing and to even fear itself. It can be hereditary or one can start to lose interest in things that would usually give them joy only to find the demons within that they must battle. But does Developer World Domination Project and Publisher Factoria Cultural Gestio, S.L open the door so we can enter this world that causes anxiety and fear into so many people? Let’s find out with Anyone’s Diary for the PlayStation VR.

Anyone’s Diary is a puzzle/platformer where you play as an avatar that really can be anyone. When you first start, you have a choice of either using the DualShock 4 or Move controllers. But once you select your controller scheme of choice, you will not be able to switch. So I would recommend playing for like a few minutes to decide which is best for you because once you get going, you will not want to stop (more on this in a few). For me, I went with both Move controllers as it just seemed to fit better. There are parts of the game where you will be sliding rooms and the Move controllers just seemed to work really well.

Anyone can only move left or right either by walking or running and also can jump. What I like is how if you come to a point that has a ledge or a gap, Anyone will come to a halt and almost wobble like to lose balance which I thought was symbolic in itself when going through a world of depression as sometimes we may wobble in our own life just to find a stepping stone or a ground to balance on.

I mentioned about there being sliding rooms and there is a good amount here within the world of Anyone’s Diary that you will have to move around in order to have Anyone be able to move and progress. Some rooms have doors that when I moved past them would open up and by hitting the Move button would allow Anyone to go through and enter another room. Sometimes things got a little tricky when I was trying to move one room, but instead, it moved another that didn’t happen too often. As you move the rooms around and have Anyone trying to progress, you might want to pay attention to the story being told and the emotion being felt by Anyone instead of just trying to get through as quickly as possible.

I am not going to spoil too much as that is never the intent I want to have. This Experience is something that you should experience but is something that may mean a little something different to each person. But you just might be surprised how much you or someone you know may actually relate to it all.

Let’s talk about the graphics. The art style and the world of Anyone’s Diary are beautifully done that is very artistic and brings that emotional journey. From being able to look at this world and just imagining being able to walk around not necessarily what is being experienced, but it’s a place that feels like home. The colors that are used in the nightfall are stunning. Using red as a representation of the demons some might face to the white light that resembles the hope that we must all have in order to make it and survive is all well done. I can tell that is the what World Domination Project is trying to bring and allow all of us to be a part of.

The music by Damián Sánchez helps keep the balance and is as alluring as the visuals. At times when sadness to depression is present, you get that feeling by the sounds that are being played. Going through the city and hearing it come alive to parts that seem to strike the fear of anxiety all come together very nicely. Hearing Anyone take each footstep as almost a remembrance of the journey of the tale being told harmonizes with the sounds.

There are some things that I hope get addressed. For one, there is not a way to save your game. If you stop for whatever reason, you have to start over from the beginning. Even when you complete the game and close it to then want to come back, your progress is not there so you have to start over from the beginning. Second, there was part of the game where I got stuck either from a mid-jump or just walking and I would be frozen, so the only way to get around this would be to get out of the game and have to start over. I know these can be addressed with a patch and hopefully, Anyone’s Diary receives an update. And the last thing I would love is more stories in this world. This world and art style is so beautiful, I would love to have explored more of it.

I knew from the moment I was allowed to step into the world of Anyone’s Diary, that I was not going to spoil too much as that is never my intent, but this experience is something that you should experience but is something that may mean something different to each person. You just might be surprised how much you might be able to actually relate.

Being able to experience the emotion of what Anyone is going through might surprise you of how close to home it might actually be. Mental health is in no way a joking matter or should be ignored. The anxieties and fears one may have may seem little to a few, but to the person who has to deal with the issues of depression, anxiety, and fear, regardless of age or sex, should not have to deal with it alone. So if you or someone you know who may be suffering from any type of mental health, be there for them as you maybe can see things from a different view. And if you are the one who may be suffering, don’t be afraid to talk and ask for some help as it may be the hope and strength you have been looking for.

And if you are not sure where to turn or not sure who to talk to, my DM is always open or the help you are looking for may just be a click away.

Anyone’s Diary is available now in the EU PlayStation Store. A review code was provided.

To learn more about World Domination Project and Anyone’s Diary, like them on Facebook. To learn more about Damián Sánchez, please visit his site, like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter. Also, the soundtrack is also available on Google Play MusicSpotifyDeezeriHeartRadio, and iTunes.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to sit back and enjoy.

Mr. PSVR, Febuary 19, 2019,
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