Hell Sweeper VR Welcomes You To The Wraith In The Season Of Chaos…

April 7, 2024 ·

If you haven’t played Hell Sweeper VR yet, you are missing out on descending to hell while fighting with weapons and magic against hell’s twisted souls. With this update, there is a new weapon, a new enemy, and more. The challenges are just now getting started, so let’s see what’s included within the wraith.

Features include:

  • NEW Weapon: The Mage’s Staff – is a magic-focused weapon that allows you to combine all your magic elements into one weapon. This will allow flexibility to those who are also looking for a hybrid build
    • Capable of using combined magic
    • Can infuse weapons by sticking them into the staff head (For Fire, Frost, Volt, and Blood)
    • Has its own type of magic spell called overcharged magic.
    • Has a ground slam mechanic
  • NEW Enemy: Wrath – Completing the seven deadly sins theme for Hellsweeper’s enemies, Wrath has finally entered the depths of Hell and is ready to give your runs a nastier time
    • Wrath is a 2-in-1 Enemy that can cause double the trouble. Both parts have different combat styles, and might have other secret moves under their (missing) sleeves
    • Killing either part of its body will enrage the other, so be prepared for a second wind
  • Elemental Bosses – To turn up the challenge, Savagery, Deceit and Corruption now have elemental variants to them. For those seeking a bigger threat, they have unlocked more moves and surprises that can enhance your run…or make it worse
  • Epithets –  class and reward system for different playstyles. The player’s level is transferred to the ‘All-Rounder’ Epithet. Whether you are looking for balance, spellcasting, or even enjoy having more buddies with you, Epithets will reward you for making a distinctive decision
    • All-Rounder – Balanced Stats with no special mechanics
    • Vanguard – Lean towards melee combat, parry attacks, and projectiles with your head
    • Gunslinger – Enemies drop ammo when killed; gun’s bullets will be refilled when ammo drops are picked up
    • Spellcaster – A magic orb will orbit around the player when spells are conjured
    • Acrobat – Increased jump and damage when in the air, Reduced hitbox size
    • Tamer – Have an additional friend fighting together with you
    • Vengeance – Similar to All Rounder but with enhanced stats and reduced resource gains
  • Summoning Enemy Weapons – Equip enemy weapons! At Unholy Rank 5, players can equip and conjure enemy weapons such as:
    • Pride’s Katana
    • Gluttony’s Cleaver
    • Envy’s Scythe
    • Wrath’s Cleaver
  • Visual Improvements – PCVR:
    • Apart from replacing a couple of low-poly props, lighting was given an overhaul after we converted our unity render pipeline to URP. In addition, PCVR (and PSVR2) also received freshly mint hair and fur! The Hellhound enjoys his new, sleek look:
  • Visual Improvements – PlayStation VR2:
  • Visual Improvements – Quest 2 & 3:
    • Major lighting updates with some tweaks in texture resolution. Finally, enemy textures were painted over to make their details pop
This update looks amazing and is free. What could possibly happen when you descend into HELL?

Hellsweeper VR and the Wraith update are available now for the Quest 2, 3, & Pro on the Meta Store, the Pico Store, PlayStation VR2 on the PlayStation Store, and Steam VR.

Until then…please enjoy…

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