The Pierhead Arcade – The Review

October 2, 2019 ·

My own arcade? Yes, please! This is exactly how I felt from the moment I entered and saw all the games. Brought to us by Mechabit and published by Archiact VR, The Pierhead Arcade is allowing us to play the coin-based games and brings something very special to the PlayStation VR and this is a very good thing.

When you first start The Pierhead Arcade, you are standing at the pier. The building looks dark like no one is around. But before you do anything, anything at all, just take a minute and enjoy the calming sounds of the ocean while looking at the stars. Sometimes no matter what is going on in our lives, we may just need a moment to ourselves to relax and gather our thoughts. And this may be my new favorite calming getaway. As I just enjoyed the sounds of the ocean and the seagulls while enjoying the fresh air under the stars, I almost could taste the saltwater breeze. And this is why I love VR so much, to be able to get away and this was even before I entered The Pierhead Arcade. So I applaud you Mechabit…I applaud you.

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Before you can continue, you will need both Move Controllers to play. Once everything is ready, get ready to enter your own arcade. Once I entered it was that moment in Willy Wonka where Charlie and the rest of the Golden Ticket winners entering the factory to see that chocolate river. I was amazed at the number of games that were available. You will see four signs that show you how to move around The Pierhead Arcade. To rotate you will use circle button, to grab things you will use trigger button and the x for toggle grab, to insert a coin, you will use the Move button, and to teleport will also use the Move button.

Straight ahead you will see The Prize Hut. This is where you will be able to pick a prize based on the number of your winnings.  To your left, you will notice The Prize Corner, where you are able to proudly display your prizes. I somehow felt the urge to fill up the shelves to display all my prizes. In fact, it’s what I must do…I have to collect them all.

To the left and right of you when you first enter The Pierhead Arcade, you will see the crane games, Toy Grab and Jungle Jumble. Use the one button to move the crane up and the two buttons to move it to the right and see if you can grab the prize. And like in real life, good luck on trying to get the prize. I really want the stuffed tiger. You will be mine…oh, yes…you will be mine.

If you go back to where you entered and go up the center, we have Super Shoot where you try and get in as many baskets at the time. Moving down we have Scarab Toss, where you throw the balls into the holes and each hole has a different point value. If you are really good, try and get the 1000 points. Cannonball Bounce is where you have to bounce the ball and trying to make a tic tac toe, and Dino Whack is what you expect of whacking the dinos but try not to hit the caveman. And closing out the left side we have Rapid Fire where you are trying to get the ball through the hole that’s lit up.

Moving to the right we have Super Punch. This will have you put on boxing gloves to try to hit the targets to get the most points as possible. Then we have Binary Dash. A robotic light game. Certain lights will light up and you will need to use the Move Controller to hit the lights before they disappear. Rocket Ball is your classic Skee Ball and just like the real game, it does require some skill. I will master the bank shot off the sides to get the 100 points…I know I will…I just have to.

The Gallery is the old shooting game where you have to try and hit the ducks among other targets. But behind the right side, you see even more games. We have Zombie Shootout, where you must use the shotgun to shoot the zombies. Just don’t forget to pump so said shotgun or it could be the apocalypse (at least The Pierhead Arcade version). Next, we have Honey Rush where you have to move the beam with the joysticks and get the honey ball to the goal. Just watch out for the bad cells. Then we have Comet Drop where you have to hit the button to drop the ball to try to get the ball in the holes to get your points. And finally, on this side of the arcade, we have Aactic Shuffle. Where you try and get as close to the edge without going over.

But if you think these are a lot of games, you would be correct. But there is one more. Hidden behind Super Shot and the other left side of games is two full lanes of bowling. Yes, bowling. Behind able to stand and bowl in VR is awesome. And doing it while hearing all the sounds of the games adds to that pier arcade feel.

After each game is over, you then must input your name. Why you might be asking? Well for the global and local leaderboards of destiny. I call it this because it is now my destiny to try and be at the top of every game that The Pierhead Arcade offers to me. By adding fun along with these boards adds even more replayability.

But even with the leaderboard of destiny, there is something missing. It’s not the feel or the sounds of an actual pier arcade or even the vending machines, that’s all here. Having my own arcade is great, don’t get me wrong, but the one thing that I noticed while playing and that would have been fun to have (and who knows if this can be added later on), but what I would love is the ability to play and interact with actual live players. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we need that escape and The Pierhead Arcade gives you that, but even with the sounds, the atmosphere, you may get a little lonely, but again thank you for adding the leaderboards to at least show that there are other live people who are playing or who have played. But it makes me think, are they playing in my arcade when I am not there?

Other than that, The Pierhead Arcade truly has everything you may be looking for. The escape, the pier, the ocean, the games, and even The Prize Corner. But the future could certainly be bright at the pier. I can see new games or rooms being added via DLC. Themed type rooms and games based on holidays would be awesome.

The Pierhead Arcade is out now for PlayStation VR and is also available on the Oculus Store and Steam. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Mechabit, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and subscribe to their YouTube channel. To learn more about Archiact visit their sitelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have to go back and get my name at the top of the leaderboards of destiny.

Mr. PSVR, Febuary 8, 2018,
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