Black Hat Cooperative – The Review

October 3, 2019 ·

Games can come in all shapes and sizes. Some have massive worlds while others have you contained in certain rooms. Some games require only for the single-player storytelling, while others require to be online. But sometimes, just sometimes there comes along something that is neither single nor online, but requires you to have someone with you in order to play. But the question is can this type of game be any fun? This is what Team Future Games hopes to accomplish with Black Hat Cooperative for the PlayStation VR.

I am stating this now, you must have someone with you in order to play. So what exactly is Black Hat Cooperative you might be asking? Well, first and foremost this is a stealth game. Your job, at least what sounds simple, is for you to go in, find the keys to unlock the doors to find the treasure. Pretty basic right…no. In your way, you have robots who, if you make too much noise or if they spot you, it’s game over. This is why you need a friend. In fact, it can be anyone, a friend, someone you saw just out somewhere (wouldn’t recommend that in any way), kids, ones who you might be married to (you might get into trouble if you try and play with someone who you might be married to, so please make sure you are married first).

Now that we got all that out of the way, let’s continue. The person who is assisting you will be looking at the T.V. so that they will be able to see where the keys are, which doors are locked and unlocked, little bits that are around, lasers, trapdoors, scanning, and robots are in order to assist you with the goal at hand. So communication is key here.  So I would be nice to the one not in the PlayStation VR headset or they may just lead you to being captured or through the trap door. And let me tell you, falling through that trap door is not pleasant. I actually felt like the ground I once knew and cherished somehow betrayed me. So great job Team Future Games…great job.

Another reason why teamwork is so important here is that on some levels, the one wearing the PlayStation VR headset will see codes that the non-VR player will have to input in order to help the one in VR succeed even more. By having the codes inputted through a dos command type system below the map by the non-VR player, which then can allow to freeze and blind those enemy robots

The levels, of course, start out simple, such as the training as well as they should be. But it’s the later levels that you may get a little frustrated on how challenging they can be. Some of the levels do seem to have a little of that repeat factor, but when you throw in more enemies and traps along with the more communication you will need to do, you can put that past you.  I say blame the person who is supposed to be assisting you. I mean they really only have one job to do. At least it made me feel better about their incapability to communicate properly…I mean go TEAM and way to do your best and all of that. But what I do like is depending on how quickly you two can work together and get to the end of the level, which will help determine your points.

So with that said you will want to make sure you have either the Dualshock 4 or one Motion controller ready. I do like how easy the control scheme is. You will use X to open doors and L2 will help you speed up. When playing a game like Black Hat Cooperative, you don’t want to have to worry about too many controls as your primary focus is communication with the other player. So again, thank you Team Future Games for thinking about the controls as it is really appreciated.

Graphically Black Hat Cooperative doesn’t need the HD atmosphere and it didn’t try to be. It tried to be simple and focus more on working together and for that, I applaud them for accomplishing that goal. So what you get is a throwback to the good times of the 16-bit type of era that works really well in Virtual Reality.

Sound-wise you are not going to get the booms or loud noises. What you will get is simple tracks and as the situations start to heat up, so does the music. Again, Black Hat Cooperative is not trying to focus on the sounds too much as the main focus is on the communication and cooperativeness.

There is something I wish Black Hat Cooperative did have and that is the ability to be able to invite your friend(s) from online to join in. Not everyone is going to have someone who can play and that is the only drawback I can think of. Hidden gems come along when we least expect them to, but when you add Virtual Reality to the mix, you can have a really good time. And this is exactly what Team Future Games have done and allowed us to put down our phones and tablets and other electronics and allowed us to talk, connect with each other, and enjoy our time together, even if it may be just for a few minutes. And isn’t that what we all need sometimes in life?

Black Hat Cooperative is out now on PlayStation VR and is also available on the Oculus Store and Steam. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Team Future Games, please visit the sitelike them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to try to improve my time.

Mr. PSVR, June 4, 2018,
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