If You Had The Opportunity To Go Back Through Time, How Far Would You Be Willing To Go As An Assassin?

December 28, 2023 ·

The world is not an easy place to be a part of. Some choose to control with order, while some are chosen for the brotherhood. For those chosen, the dedication one must uphold will be a difficult one, but not without its honor. But no matter what, we must follow the rules of the Creed. Stay one’s blade from the flesh of the innocent, hide in plain sight to be one with the crowd, and never compromise the Brotherhood. Remember, work in the dark to serve the light. Nothing is true, everything is permitted…even in the archives of memories stretching back through time.

Features include:

  • ALL-NEW ASSASSIN’S CREED STORY – Abstergo Industries has found a way to retrieve powerful lost artifacts that can be used to manipulate people’s beliefs. To sabotage their plan, you’ll uncover all-new stories and accomplish new missions as legendary Assassins
  • EXPLORE FREELY – features a wide variety of historically-accurate open maps with 360-degree navigation. Climb and parkour everywhere as you choose how to achieve your objectives
  • PARKOUR – Feel the exhilaration of parkouring freely across expansive and visually stunning open maps. Explore Renaissance Italy, Ancient Greece, and Colonial America
  • COMBAT – Deploy your Hidden Blade with a flick of your wrist. Use real-world motions as you block, parry, counterattack, and duel with reactive enemies. Choose from a large arsenal including the hidden blade, swords, tomahawk, bows, crossbow, throwing knives, and smoke bombs.
  • STEALTH – Sneak up on a target from behind or surprise them with an air assassination. Evade enemies by blending into a crowd or distract them with objects in the environment
  • INTERACTIVE WORLD – As you move through the open maps, interact with historical figures, civilians, and enemies who react to your actions. Immersive cinematics put you in the game like never before
  • INNOVATIVE COMFORT SETTINGS – Peripheral vision blocking, teleportation and more can be turned on to mitigate nausea, vertigo, and fear of heights
  • BECOME THREE LEGENDARY ASSASSINS – For the first time in Assassin’s Creed history, play in first-person as you master the actions of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Kassandra, and Connor

How long will you be able to stay hidden? Will the innocent live? Will the Brotherhood be compromised? Find out with Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR, out now for the Quest 2, 3, & Pro on the Meta Store.

Until then…please enjoy…

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