Pirate Flight (VR) – The Review

October 2, 2019 ·

I want to tell you a tale of a boy that wanted to fly. One who had dreamed of flying in the open air. He wanted to fly through the clouds and explore the island in ways he normally could not? The boy thought about becoming a pirate and wanted to go on adventures to discover the island. He heard the stories of Captains, fairies, and magical dust and he knew deep down he wanted to be a part of that. Then one day the boy’s curiosity got the best of him and he decided to set out on his own adventure. But the island was just too much to get through on foot. The boy needed to fly, he thought. Then one day Peter discovered a plane and Peter flew just like he has always dreamed of doing. But what if this has just begun the tales of the magical adventures of Peter Pan, The Lost Boys, and Neverland? And playing Pirate Flight (VR) from Frozengun for the PlayStation VR my imagination just started to fly.

When you first start Pirate Flight (VR), you will notice a very simple layout. You have the play button, the settings, controller and pilot options to select from. Yes, you are able to invert the controls if you like. You will be playing with the Dualshock 4 controller, so make sure that is charged. You will have three different options to select from. Rings, Racing, and Balloons.

Rings have you flying through the rings and your object is to get to the end within a certain amount of time, do not crash and try not to burn through all your fuel. Luckily you have a fair amount of times to hit the big circles to refuel. By pressing L2 or square, you can increase your speed. But watch out, fly too fast and you may not be able to make that sharp turn (Be careful of the tree leaves as those will count as a crash…evil leaves I tell you…EVIL).

Racing will have you racing with other AI pirate pilots as you try to race through the markers to win the race. I wish you could feel it if they were to bump into you, but they just move out of the way, which honestly isn’t that bad. I am just trying to get 1st place in each race.

Balloons have you trying to shoot the balloons that are either in different places of the area or the other AI pirate pilots have them attached to their planes and you have to chase them to get to the balloons. What I also like is you don’t have to shoot the balloons as you can just run into them.

Depending on how well you did, you will earn stars. You want to try and get all three stars each of the rounds. Why you might ask? Well, the stars allow. You do not only unlock other pilots (I’m looking at you skeleton and wizard) but other locations as well. Nothing like flying around where there are dragons and snow.

One thing you might notice is the blinders. Yes, this can be a problem for some and even the Developer tried to not have them at all, but they had to be added to get Pirate Flight (VR) out. But the good news is that patch is coming to remove the blinders if you desire. But if you go into settings and uncheck the default comfort mode, this will help reduce the black vignette and introduce a bit more of a roll.

Pirate Flight (VR) does seem to offer a lot. You get over 90 missions, unlockable pilots, and lands. There are no complex controls to learn (which many can appreciate in Virtual Reality), no landings, and no hard to master flight physics…just some relaxed fun. I wish it had some er added. Does it need them, not really, it’s more of just a wishful thought.

It’s funny how when we play a game in Virtual Reality, that sometimes our own imagination can take over and add to something so simple and make it even more adventurous than originally thought out and planned and can give us a “what if” version of what could possibly be a new vision to a well-known story. But isn’t that why we play Virtual Reality, to escape, to become someone and even visit far-off lands?

Pirate Flight (VR) is out now. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Pirate Flight (VR), please visit the site.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to see if I can get all three stars on everything.

Mr. PSVR, May 13, 2018, theplaystationbrahs.com
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