Killing Floor: Incursion – The Review

October 3, 2019 ·

There is something about horror games that draws us in. You can sit on the couch or your favorite chair. You can play with the lights on so you know everything will be alright. You could take it one step further and turn out all the lights just to add to the atmosphere. All of this is fine as you have that wall of space. What do I mean by that? Well, when we play, you see the T.V. and you have that distance. But its when you start to take down that wall, brick by brick, sound by sound that can really let your imagination to have its fun. But what if your wall was completely dismantled in a way, where you are then put into the one place where your imagination starts to breed from? I, of course, am talking about horror games and Virtual Reality. So does Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor: Incursion for the PlayStation VR allow us to step out and away from our safety?

Killing Floor: Incursion is the third in the series and is built from the ground up with Virtual Reality in mind and it shows. The first thing you will realize is the options. Do you want to play sitting or standing? How do you want to move, full locomotion or teleporting, click turning, and even smooth turning? Do you want to play solo or with a friend? So thank you Tripwire Interactive…thank you for allowing these options.

After you decide how you would like to play it’s time to go through the training. I am going to say this now, using the Move controllers works extremely well. From the way you can rotate the weapons, holding them with both hands, to even the knives. Having to move like you are putting weapons on your back or in the holsters to your side really gets your badness intake up. For a moment there I felt like Deadpool ready to take on everything. So bonus points to Tripwire Interactive for the badness effect.

Killing Floor Incursion Farmhouse psvr.png

One of my favorite parts is at the beginning of the farmhouse stage. Darkness + Zeds (the mutated zombie type creatures) + farmhouse = a blast. Just hearing the enemies around you makes you want to be on the lookout. Now remember you do have ammo for your weapons, but the ammo will run out. And while you are able to find more ammo along the way, its when you are being attacked and are out of the ammo that you do what any other normal person would do if they were a rookie Horzine Security officer who had just been poked at back at the facility before being transported to so said zed-infested darkness of a localized farmhouse without ammo, you start punching. And when you add the ability to use your swords to start cutting off limbs and then take so said limbs to then use to layeth the smackdown on those candy…well, you get where I am going with this, it becomes a blast to play.

Keep in mind you do have a friend named Emma who talks to you as she is trying to help you succeed in your mission. It really is nice to be able to hear a friendly voice. It is sometimes when she goes quiet and the action starts that makes you appreciate having a friendly voice around. Sometimes you may get lost which I found adds to the immersion. I mean if I was out there and not knowing where I was and in the dark, I may get lost too.

But don’t you worry, because Emma has you taken care of by a robotic comrade named Node which is how Emma talks to you. So if you do find your self-lost, Node will help you along the way and show you which path you should be taking. So make sure you listen to what Emma is saying. Now sometimes it’s not as simple as getting from point a to point b. Sometimes you may have to go and search for certain objects in order to interact with other objects. For example, there is a part where you find a generator that will open a gate, but there is no fuel. So it’s up to you to defend against the Zeds while finding certain objects.

Killing Floor Incursion biotics_04.png

Each story-driven stage has a final boss who are unique on its own that will require some patience. No need to rush. Just get used to the way things move and just be prepared to have a good fight in this uphill battle of fights. Not that this is discouraging in any way, but playing Killing Floor: Incursion with the boss battles is really something. I will say that sometimes at certain parts of the mission may seem a little slow at times and during these times I wish there was some action going on. But that was because I was having so much fun attacking the Zeds, that I wanted to keep the action going at a fast pace.

Sometimes on the movement can take some getting used to. Just when I thought I had it down, I had to step back a little to just get accustomed to the controls again. And as I would move through a door here and there, I did get stuck. This was probably more me trying to turn and move at the same time, but when you are being attacked at the same time, it may add some frustration. For me, I had to laugh it off and say that the door was possessed and trying to hold on to me. But this is a great thing. You have many different options for movement. You just need to find out what works best for you. After I changed my movement from teleporting to smooth turning, it seemed to be better at some parts. Again, pick what is best for you.

*** But I am going to applaud Tripwire Interactive for listening to the fans as they recently updated Killing Floor: Incursion with improved controls and patches. So thank you again Tripwire Interactive for making an even more awesome experience…thank you. ***

I mentioned earlier that you can play with a friend. This may be one of the best ways to play. But make sure there is an understanding between you two and make sure that there is some patience. If one person is all gung-ho going with guns blazing and then leaving the other person behind, it may make for some frustrating times. But like in any good relationship, if you work together, then you can have a real blast. See Killing Floor: Incursion has already taught us a valid life lesson.

Graphically playing Killing Floor: Incursion on PlayStation VR is pretty. Except when you forget you have a flashlight and you have these crawling spider half Zed like creatures going at your feet, then it’s not pretty. But you can really tell that Trip Wire took the time and trying to make the game the best that they could.

Killing Floor: Incursion does actually give you a lot of content. Not only do you get the immersive story-driven mission, co-op, puzzle-solving, horde maps with leaderboards, and multiple weapons all in Virtual Reality, that you really get what you pay for. I just wish that somehow the Aim controller could be incorporated. I can just see how amazing it would be. There is just something exciting about taking a franchise that you and others enjoy and somehow taking what works, thinking outside the box and allowing a new way to tell a story and experience it in an immersive way that you can only experience in Virtual Reality.

Killing Floor: Incursion is out now on PlayStation VR and is also available on the Oculus Store and Steam. A review code was provided.

Also, check out the interview with Thomas Dahlberg of Tripwire Interactive.

To learn more about Tripwire Interactive, please visit their sitelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, follow them on Twitch, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have more Zeds to kill.

Mr. PSVR, May 14, 2018,
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