SACRALITH: The Archer's Tale – The Review

January 12, 2020 ·

One of the many weapon types that work well in Virtual Reality is the bow and arrow. Being able to pull back on the bow with accuracy and releasing for that killer shot feels pretty good when executed properly. We have experienced this weapon before with different variations and powers of how it may be used. But does Developer Odd Meter games show us a new tale of the bow and arrow? Let’s find out with SACRALITH: The Archer’s Tale for PlayStation VR.

I am going to say this right now when you have an adventure start by having what is happening by having it sung to you and then have you join in like you are adding more cowbell to the song…that is a welcome fun change that should be incorporated more. So good job thus far Odd Meter Games…good job.

In SACRALITH: The Archer’s Tale, you play as an archer who along with your brothers try and stop any and all threats from getting ahold of the magic stone called Sacralith. Why is this stone important? Well, this magic stone has power over the dragons. Yes, dragons and as anyone knows, if you a powerful dragon on your side, no one is going to mess with you. So it’s best if you can stop the evil guys from getting their grubby hands on this power to help protect the land. So before you try and protect and fight your way through the evil bad guys, make sure both of your Move controllers are fully charged.

One of the things I really do like here is the graphics. I wasn’t expecting how well the lighting would help set the tone when outdoors and I am glad I came into SACRALITH: The Archer’s Tale with an open mind. Having to fire at enemies when there is little to no light at times outside in the dark really is a nice touch. When you first start you may think this might be another wave shooter of sorts, but the story that is being told does keep things engaging to a point and I do like the map showing the progress as well.

Now there is no free roam or hand to hand combat here. But instead, you will be able to teleport to different vantage points (no click turning) to help protect your brothers who are handling the hand to hand combat. You will want to make sure your aim is on as some of the bad guys can be taken down with a single shot while others are stronger who have armor and will require multiple shots in order to end their chaotic ways. Not only that, but the enemies are attacking your brothers and it will be up to you to help protect them and once their health is gone, it will be game over and you will have to start from the last checkpoint. So the aim is key here. Another thing I did like is when you shoot someone and the arrow just sticks in them as they are still moving and after a third shot in the head, I started to wonder what witchcraft was their armor made out of cause they would just keep going.

You don’t really have to worry too long as you do have a range of magic arrows that you can use to help you along the way. From shots that will create multiple arrows (probably my favorite) to shots fueled by Zeus’s’ lightning. All this is done by shooting the enemies and at certain times there will be symbols that appear that can replenish health or even upgrade your attacks. And if you make those shots count, maybe, just maybe you can also rack in those combo attacks.

Earlier I mentioned about the lighting and how well it works when you are in the outdoors. There are times when you are inside in the dungeon areas that you would wish that you could set up a blaze of fire to help light up the room, but you have to think about the time setting here. During this time period, there would not be as much light as you would hope there would be. Again, the lighting does play a piece here and is done quite well.

If there is anything I would like to see added is the ability to add some option for turning. I do get that the teleportation to different vantage points has its part, but there were just a few times if I could have just been able to turn just a little bit, I would have gotten more deadly shots off. Another thing that I would love to see if there could be an online co-op so you can play with a friend. Sometimes there would be these massive groups of enemies and even though I may have had one or two more ai brothers to assist, it would be nice to be able to add a friend. I do like the graphics and I was not expecting this detailed of graphics and again, the lighting was done wonderfully here. The sound played a part as well. Don’t be in a rush just to get started. In the beginning, take your time and just listen to the story being told. It made me appreciate the number of extra details that the Developer put in. I just hope there is more story added in the future.

SACRALITH: The Archer’s Tale gives us a presentation that is both fun and exciting and shows that sometimes we should expect the unexpected.

SACRALITH: The Archer’s Tale is out now on PlayStation VR and is also available on the Oculus Rift/S and Steam. A review code was provided.

To learn more about Odd Meter Games, please visit their site and make sure you like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to work on my bow and arrow game.

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