Hotel Rock’n’Roll Wants You To Feel Its PlayStation VR2 Vibes…

December 21, 2023 ·

Back in May of 2020, we learned about the physics-based demolition game that invites you to try and rest and relax in the Hotel R’n’R. Your stay at the hotel back in PlayStation VR land went okay, but you have wanted to scratch that itch and revisit your hotel. We know your life has been tough, it’s the holidays, and you just watched your relatable movie, The Hulk, and now you feel the need to smash everything. Well, it’s time you step up, pick up those weapons, and do what you do best when you visit PlayStation VR2 city and stay at the newest hotel, Hotel R’n’R.

Features include:

  • Free upgrade for owners of the PSVR 1 (PS4) version
  • Running at a native 90Hz
  • Added Headset Haptics and Adaptive Triggers to feel the kickback on weapons
  • Remodeled character art and increased texture resolution throughout
  • Improved lighting and fx in every scene
  • Added the ability to take down and escape from the Security Guard
  • Added new ways of playing the mini-games with additional bonuses for these to rack up the cash quicker
  • Additional Trophies and a Platinum added
  • Added “Selfie-Cam” for casting 3rd person footage to a window within the screen
  • More breakable objects, physics improvements, QOL updates, and bonus fun nonsense

Are you ready to smash everything? How destructive will you be? What will be your final hotel bill be? Find out with Hotel R’n’R out now for PlayStation VR2.

Until then…please enjoy…the original trailer since there is not a new one yet…

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