See What Happens When Arcade-Style Games Get Modernized With The Beauty of Virtual Reality…

October 14, 2019 ·

There is one thing we all love and that is games. But think back in the day to when games were smaller and didn’t have all the explosions and cinematic escape like they do now. What if there was a way to take some of those games and give them a modern twist in the beauty of Virtual Reality? Well, it seems LLAMASOFT has possibly done it again by bringing two of their classics and did just that.

First we have Gridrunner, LLAMASOFT’s classic from the glory days of the Vic 20 has gotten a new life. The object is simple, take your green ship and shoot all the bad guys…if you can, collect the powerups to help gain the advantage all while trying to deal with an almost mind of their own tricky enemies. Get ready for some awesome explosions in Virtual Reality.

There are three different modes to play in:

  • Pure – Start at the first level and do your best to get the highest score.
  • Enducance – Once you start, you never receive any extra for the whole time.
  • Casual – With this mode, you have the Restart Best feature that will allow you to begin on any level you have previously reached with your best-ever lives and score at that point.

Then we have Goatup where you must climb as high as you can as a nanny goat and not only are you trying to get as high as you can, you must try and raise all the kids you can along the way. If you happen to see any other billy goats on your climb, make sure to kiss them and make sure you also keep eating grass (and don’t be afraid to eat anything else that may spring from the ground as well) and eventually you’ll be rewarded with a kid. Keep having kids and they will follow you in a long queue. The more kids you have, and the higher you climb, the more points you will score.

So will you be able to get those powerups and defeat those enemies? Will you be able to get raise as many kids as you can while trying to kiss all the billy goats as possible as well as eating anything that may pop up from the ground. Find out with Minotaur Arcade Volume 1 for PlayStation VR out now on the EU PSN Store, on the N. America PSN Store on October 21, 2019, and also available on Steam.

Until then…please enjoy…

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