The Battle Of The Wielders Will Cause An Uprising…

October 9, 2022 ·

The battles of the streets of London can take a toll on the soul. Trying to cast the correct spell amongst those that challenge you can be a complicated calculation, but if successful, the payout of victory is worth it. But sometimes no matter how many spells you cast and how many foes you try to defeat, the outcome is not what we have hoped. But sometimes a spell is cast that spawns new spells that can be used and more energy that can be had if one will have the patience and strike when the time is right. The spell has been cast, and it’s going to be up to everyone on the team to work together in order to become victorious.

Features include:

  • NEW MODE – There is unrest in London and battles have turned into daily skirmishes for survival a fight for the world. This is the Watchers’ moment of Uprising. “Team Deathmatch,” the new
    mode in Wands Alliances that can be played on all maps of the game. In this sped-up game
    mode, cheat death by respawning again and again, and play strategically by changing
    characters and spells during respawn. Claim victory by being the first team to get 25 kills or to
    have the most kills when time runs out
  • NEW SPELLS: Three new spells are coming in the Uprising update, one for each class. The
    Revelator spell spawns an object that scans the nearby area for enemies, marking all within
    range. The Northwind spell inflicts minor damage and disarms its victim. The Weeping Willow
    spell acts as both damage and anti-healing spell
  • MORE UPDATES: Other major changes include new challenges to unlock spells and titles; new
    cosmetic rewards for player avatars; and various quality of life updates

So are you ready for the spells? Can you dodge the attacks? Will an alliance be made? Find out with the Wands Alliances Uprising Update out now for the Quest 2 on the Oculus Store and Steam VR.

Until then…please enjoy…

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