Traffic Jams – The Preview

August 17, 2020 ·

The world has many important jobs. Some could be farmers, some could be clerks, and some could be just trying to survive the unknown and hope that when the time comes, that you are truly smarter than a 5th grader. But there is one job that may not get much attention, but one that is important and should not be overlooked, the traffic controller. In this small town, you are not the best at what you may do, and you may have not chosen this job…in fact, this job, this town, chose you. Welcome to the chaos…welcome to the road rage…welcome to Traffic Jams.

In Traffic Jams, you of course will be able to play as the role of a traffic controller. You will need to control cars as well as the pedestrians in order to make sure that this town that you love so much keeps the peace and you don’t become the talk of the town. Because honestly, no one wants to become that person where you are left with this lasting impression and then you are never able to leave the small town because you think you will never become anything than what you are now and before you know it, music will get banned and there will be a big dance out of the city limits just to prove a point. Sorry about that…let’s continue on.

Controlling the traffic is pretty straight forward as you hold you can point at the pedestrians or vehicles, hold up your hand so they know to stop and let others go. But you got to be careful, too much waiting around and people can become angry and they start to look at you like it’s your fault (it is), but that’s besides the point. The fact is, you can either play it safe or let the chaos run all over which is fun to be honest.

In my preview time with Traffic Jams, I played it too safe which is to be expected because that is the type of person I am. But what could be better than being the one that can keep everyone safe? Trying to keep everyone safe when zombies are running around. Yes, Developer Little Chicken Game Company has added zombies in the night time level that I played and that’s when the fun increased. When zombies are coming and coming from the street (which you don’t want to become dinner), you can wave for the vehicles to go faster and run over the zombies.

***Please forgive the smaller screen gameplay***

Traffic Jams promises some interesting things such as…

  • Taking your career on the road with even more iconic and chaotic cities that each will deliver it’s own surprises of twists and turns your way.
  • Couch part mode where up to four non-VR players can join in making your life even more stressful (in the fun type of way) using their own mobile devices (which I cannot wait to see this in action).
  • Global ranks so so you can become the traffic controller hotshot everyone knew you could be.

So get ready for when Little Chicken Game Company and Vertigo Games bring Traffic Jams to the Oculus Store, PSVR, and Steam in September 2020.

Until then…please enjoy…

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