When Bravery Is Needed, One Must Look Into The Soul Of The Cookie To Find It…

December 5, 2023 ·

My life was in crumbles as far as I can remember. Born from the pans of pain, it is where I have risen, but looking at those shapes of my family, I knew I had to escape her and it. The witch is doing the unthinkable, cooking us cookies for the edible delight. This is where I met them, the ones who will accompany me on this journey. It won’t be easy being a small cookie in this giant land, but with my candy cane and my friends, I GingerBrave, will show what it truly means to be brave.

Features include:

  • Become a 14cm Cookie and witness a world where everything looks astonishingly different
  • Dive into intense battles! Combat diverse foes, each with unique personalities. Wield 3 melee weapons with 4 elemental variations and 3 slingshots with 5 elemental bullets. Test your skills
  • Experience 11 uniquely themed spaces, from human-sized areas like the hot oven, Witch’s bakery, Incubation Chamber, Auditorium, and Forge to smaller cookie-scaled spots like Gnome Square, Tunnel, Armory, and Lava Mine. Dive in and discover them all
  • Full of VR-only interactions! Drive mining carts, yank out mandrakes, take control of a colossal Franken Cookie, dodge cats, shatter barriers, tug on a lizard’s tail, and so much more

Can you escape the witch? What friends will you meet? Will the cookie crumble? Find out with CookieRun: The Darkest Night ~ Chapter 1 ~ out now for the Quest 2,3, & Pro on the Meta Store.

Until then…please enjoy…

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