When The Things That Are Most Beloved, Will We Still Lust For Them In Darkness?

November 23, 2021 ·

I used to have everything that anyone could ever ask for. A life, hopes, dreams, and a wife. But that all changed a year ago when she went missing. I never stopped looking and my heart tells me she is still out there…somewhere. But it’s the day I received a letter from her where she wanted me to go to that place, the Yelverton’s Victorian Mansion. But it’s not until I saw what I saw that made me question if this letter is even real. If for some reason this is not all part of some trick. I heard the stories of where occult ceremonies take place. But I have to know the answer, even if that means entering the reality of Lusst’ghaa. I may not return, but for those that know me…that know what I have been through over the past year, know that I have always cared and that may be the one thing that seals my fate. Signed…Jonathan Moon.

Features include:

  • Psychological horror fully adapted for Virtual Reality
  • Occult and Lovecraftian themes
  • World design inspired by works of Lovecraft, Giger & Zdzislaw Beksinski
  • Use eldritch portals to cross between two realities
  • Search for hidden items to unlock side stories
  • Escape the grasp of the monstrous inhabitants of Lusst’ghaa
  • Original soundtrack by Draco Nared

Can you handle the horror? What stories will you unlock? Can you escape? Find out with Lust for Darkness VR: M Edition out now on Steam.

Until then…please enjoy…

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