After The Fall Invites You To The Chinese New Year Event…

February 5, 2022 ·

It looks like all those runs we have been doing in After the Fall are giving us even more reason to continue those runs. The Chinese New Year Event is upon us and with it comes some major updates and a new weapon skin. So what kind of major updates are we talking about? Check them out:

Cheat Prevention

    • It should no longer be possible to glitch through doors
    • End of level complete buttons are now disabled until the last wave has been successfully completed
    • Improvements to the level geometry to prevent anti-cheat (black screen) from triggering in several places where the player is supposed to be able to move to
    • Players are now more quickly reset to the last valid position if moving inside geometry causing anti-cheat (black screen)
  • Companions (Jimmy) will now try to stay out of the
    line of fire of other players

Persistence & Settings

Made several improvements to saving persistence (equipped items, harvest etc.)

  • Items like boosters and pipe bombs will no longer be saved to persistence. (Use them!)
  • Fixed issue where loadout was occasionally lost when going to the result screen after party wipe
  • Failure to load persistence data due to server errors will no longer cause loss of persistence
  • Fixed issue where some settings were not saved


    • Players can now replay the intro using the intro floppy which can be found in the armory. Simply insert the floppy into the crafting machine and accept the prompt!
    • Intro level has been improved

Floppies, Skin Unlocks, Items

  • Floppies and keycards will no longer be teleported back to their original spawn position when dropped
  • Weapon part unlocks from floppies now only unlock for weapons that you have already unlocked
  • Fixed bug where floppies in hands were not collected at the end of a run
  • Fixed bug where floppies in the wrist slots weren’t collected if selection wheel was active
  • Fixed bug where floppies collected by other players at the end of a game weren’t decrypted for the local player
  • Missile device ammo can now always be bought from the safe-room vendors if a player has unlocked that device
  • Killing snowbreed condition for skin unlocks now properly takes into the account the difficulty
  • Only the player buying an item from the Harvest-O-Matic can retrieve it.
  • Adjusted floppy spawn chances, lowering the chance of Import floppies on Master and completely preventing them from appearing on Nightmare.


(affects all platforms)


  • Made several changes to the balancing between the Service Pistol vs SMG to make the Pistol a much more viable choice
    • Decreased the Max Ammo for ‘9mm’ from 200 to 180
    • Lowered SMG damage from 60 to 50
    • Increased Pistol damage from 40 to 55
  • Increased MT-47 damage from 70 to 75 to create more incentive to use it over the M4 when players want to purely focus on damage over fire rate & recoil
  • Slightly increased the harvest cost multiplier of items on Nightmare difficulty to make stacking more expensive. Larger fix to address the root of the problem will come later!
  • Smasher exposed spots’ health now scales with difficulty to alleviate stun-locking

Enemies & Animation

  • Enemy deaths (non ragdoll deaths) have improved animations
  • Improvements to enemy physics from kills (ragdoll deaths)
  • Smasher lower left arm weak spot now more visible in game
  • Fixed Luna’s occasional head twitch

Tundradome PVP

  • PvP will now reward harvest based on the result and the player’s score
  • Players voting ‘Return to Hub’ in PvP will now leave the party while the other players will continue to the next highest voted scene
  • PvP matches now start early when everyone has loaded into the level.
  • Teams in PvP will now be automatically rebalanced when the match starts and switching is no longer allowed
  • Disabled flashlights in Skywalk to even the playing field between Quest users and other platforms


  • Fixed Player jump-down in Chinatown, it will no longer place you in a white void when using sliding locomotion
  • Floppies no longer spawn inside geometry in Quarantine Center, causing them to be ungrabbable
    Changes to ammo boxes, loot spawn locations and enemy spawns in several levels
  • Fixed issue where players couldn’t move down from the bus in Quarantine Center when using sliding locomotion
  • Nightmare mode is now locked for a level until you complete that level on Master difficulty

SYSTEM UPDATES (affects all platforms)

Interaction & Controls

  • The left hand option in the settings menu now has more features.
    • Items are now spawned in your dominant hand. The dominant hand is defined by the left hand setting.
    • Healthbars & harvest view now display on the dominant hand
    • You can swap the combat device from one hand to the other in the armory by using the crafting tool on it.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t pick up items if another player had grabbed an item from a frozen survivors
  • Skid row generator can now be activated by rotating the crank more slowly
  • In PvP advanced reload is forced except when using single-handed mode
  • Fixed a bug where in some situations you wouldn’t be able to grab the reload slide
  • You’re able to change control schemes which allow you to swap the movement joysticks between your controllers, instead of the default where the left joystick is for movement and the right joystick is for rotation. With the inverted movement scheme this is the other way around. So the left joystick is for rotation and the right joystick is for movement.
  • Added Slide release button setting which allows you to chamber another bullet after having loaded a new magazine.
  • Improved UX of the Selection wheel
    In the selection wheel, when selecting a gun while holding a storable item, it will now try to insert it into an empty slot first before dropping it
    UI & End screen 
  • Timer for Voting now will go down to 5 seconds if all players have cast their initial vote
  • Next to your unlocked floppies, you’ll now be able to see any newly unlocked weapons
  • User Interface and text elements should now render properly when the HUD Overdraw setting is enabled
  • Fixed various text issues in the end screen, dialogs and vendor machine for some languages
  • Fixed issue where Enlisting machine would sometimes show “Offline” in some cases where online play was available
  • Increased time before match starts when a party is full in the hub from 10 to 20 seconds
  • A notification is now shown when someone else joins your public lobby



  • Optimizations to prevent crashes when playing levels on higher difficulties
  • When using the Aim or Dualshock controllers you can now recalibrate your ammunition belt
  • Blood particles now match the PC version of the blood particles more closely
  • Fixed bug that caused harvest collect trophy to fail to unlock after completing the required conditions
  • Updated enemy animations


  • Smasher in Relay level now has a unique mesh as opposed to the normal smashers
  • Common enemy colors on Quest and PSVR more closely match PC versions


  • Valve Index Controller users can now enable the option Toggle Grip. When using Toggle Grip, you grab an item by force gripping the controllers. We still recommend disabling the weapon/item-swap option when using this.

Those really are some impressive updates and it just shows you that developer, Vertigo Games is listening. Along with the updates, you have from February 1st – 13th, 2022 to get the new weapon skin.

After the Fall is available for the Quest 2 on the Oculus Store, PlayStation VR, Steam, and Viveport.

Until then…please enjoy…

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