AREA MAN LIVES Newest Update Addresses Things So You Can Be The Best Taylor You Can Be…

June 2, 2022 ·

Since AREA MAN LIVES was released last month, it has been an experience that is both comical and entertaining with some celebrity voice backing you might be quite familiar with. But it looks like the developers have been hard at work to make sure your experience as Taylor is the best that it can be. Keep in mind, that there may be some potential spoilers with this update, but also remember, there are 98 different ways to die. So with that said, check out what’s in the newest update…

Fixes (Spoiler-Free)

  • We’ve made the height more uniform, regardless of standing or sitting. If you’re height feels or looks off, try snap-rotating or teleporting and it should resolve the issue. If the height remains to feel or look off, try toggling the “Adjust Height” setting by opening the Oculus dash, then go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Mobility. If that fails, try restarting the game.
  • When the Area Man Dies, the incorrect Anchor audio was playing.
  • Fixed various subtitles that did not match the audio that was being spoken.
  • Cleaned up a number of audio cues and dialog to better match the story beats.
  • Fixed an issue with text being low-res on some of the papers hanging on the bulletin board on Steam, Viveport, and Rift versions.
  • We now hide the player’s in-game hands when bringing up the Universal Menu on Meta Quest and Rift.

Fixes (contains Potential Spoilers)

  • After failing or reaching a false ending, we’ve removed a lot of the repeated dialog as to get the player back to the decision points much quicker. In many cases, this removed minutes of repeated content which was very frustrating.
  • During the “Mech” sequence, the audio was not properly ducking when characters were speaking.
  • The reverse beeps audio could get stuck in a loop. This has now been fixed.
  • Removed the flashing lights while the phenomenon was happening. Both together were too much and an eyesore.
  • Made it so certain objects can be interacted with properly earlier in the story.
  • Made it so the player cannot enter the truck before the phenomenon, which would have resulted in the player being spun around, causing potential discomfort in the experience.

Known Issues we’re looking into (contains potential spoilers)

  • Sand dunes outside the window during the beach sequence are white instead of their intended shade.
  • Holding items in the comic book shop, persist into the radio station.
  • Trying to record a commercial during the call-in-show causes the call-in-show to not progress. If you get into this state, just reload your save and you should start right before the call-in-show.
  • Recording a commercial does not complete the “Record New Commercials” on the To-Do list. This is also preventing 100% completion status of the game.
  • On the PC builds, we are getting reports that when the game starts to detect speech input, it can stutter for multiple seconds. This seems to be localized to a Quest/Quest 2 headset connected to a PC via link cable. Rift S and Viveport headsets seem to not have the stutter. One workaround is to change your microphone to your PC mic (or a mic connected to your PC) instead of using the headset’s mic.
  • Sometimes subtitles do not clear when a character is done speaking and sometimes they do not update with the last line of text.
  • When repeating the shortened version of the first part of the game, there is more dialog we’d like to remove on subsequent playthroughs to make it less frustrating. That change will be modified in our next patch.
  • Sometimes one of the hands stops being able to target objects with the laser pointer. Usually picking the object up directly with that hand and dropping it will reset the hand and allow laser pointing again.

Also, check out the AREA MAN LIVES interview and review.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy…

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