Audio Beats – The Review

October 2, 2019 ·

The one thing that almost seems perfect for Virtual Reality is art. Whether it be in the form of creating it or performing it. But when you add music and the drumming to it, you can actually have a lot of fun with it.  So when I got the chance to try out Audio Beats that was developed by Famiku and published by Gamepoch for the PlayStation VR, I was very intrigued and excited for what the possibilities I could have here.

Now Audio Beats is, of course, a rhythm-based music game. Your job is very simple. To hit the notes at the right time. The better your timing, the more score will be and the longer you keep up the beat, the higher your combo will be. That like I said is the easy part. The satisfying part is allowing yourself to enjoy the music and let your inner Blue Man Group drumming come in to play. So with the drumming part in mind, make sure both Move Controllers are charged up and get ready to hit those beats.

As the notes come down, you need to make sure your hand-eye coordination is finely tuned. If you don’t hit it perfectly at the right time, you will still get the points, but it’s when you start thinking you are being Phil Collins and playing In The Air Tonight where you either may start to hit the notes too fast or too slow and then points will be deducted from the final score as a result.

Something I really like that was added was the ability to have two notes connected by a line either across or diagonally and as a result, you must hit the two drums accordingly. Also, by adding the notes coming down with this green bar where you have to hold it as it moves either from side to side or diagonally and back while hitting the other notes with the other hand along with the arrows that flow down as you have to move your drumsticks in the direction they are pointing are some very nice touches that I honestly appreciate as it gives my drumming some much-needed charisma and some excitement. Because if I was on stage and I tried to perform that move, let’s just say my drumming career would be over. So thank you for allowing me to live that dream at least in Virtual Reality.

If you feel like you are in need to change things up, you are giving the ability for options here. From changing the drum set to the drumsticks to even the pace of the notes. At the time of this review, there are only 5 songs available. I for one appreciate the introduction to these artists and the music they have created. Hearing the calming sound with some powerful beats of Kungfu Time by Dong Li I think is my favorite of the 5 songs. It just gives me this inner peace feeling. What I am hopeful for is more albums that will come soon.

I really do love the vibrant neon colors as it feels like you are on a moving stage. With the options available and even the ability, while you are playing to raise and lower the drums, Audio Beats does help fill that void of music rhythm games that the PlayStation VR really needs. But my only real wish and I really hope this gets added, is more albums either by an added content or I would have really loved to be able to insert a thumb drive and import all my songs.

But I am going to applaud both Famiku and Gamepoch for taking a chance and bringing this game to the masses. This could have easily just stayed overseas and for most, would only be able to read about it and hope that one day we get something like Audio Beats for PlayStation VR. But sometimes it’s taking that chance and testing the waters that show us why we love Virtual Reality and being able to escape even if it is to drum to some audio beats.

Audio Beats is out now and is also available on Steam. A review copy was provided.

To learn more about Famiku, please visit their site.  To learn more about Gamepoch, please visit their site and make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I some more audio to beat.

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