Island Time VR – The Review

October 2, 2019 ·

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There used to be a T.V. show called Gilligan’s Island. It was simple as we would sit right back and hear this engaging tale of this trip. And as the tale was told, it all started from this port aboard this tiny ship. The mate named Gilligan and the Skipper was brave for the most part. So when I read the brochure from this company called Flight School Studio who was providing a tour to Island Time VR for the PlayStation VR, I decided to not pay for the tour guides and take the boat out myself and I was not expecting what was about to happen.

So there I was the king of the ocean and minding my own business and on the deck of my tiny but yet tough ship. I don’t know how long I have been out at sea, but I heard this voice and told me to come towards the island like it was lonely for a soul. So I proceeded forward only to see my ship in flames. There goes that security deposit. So here I am on this small forsaken island. I was looking for anything not to be bored. Food…crates…even a volleyball just to keep my company (Wilson has a nice ring for volleyball). And so my time was counting down…survival skills were a must. Would I survive or would I die from not being able to find a Snickers bar? These were the questions and Island Time VR was about to give me all my answers.

Being on the island, there was this Kinda Funny crab that I learned his name was Carl. Carl was very helpful and pointed things out that I would have seen normally, but that blinding sun did not allow me to see the coconuts the first time. Carl sure pointed this out and once I broke open that coconut, I soon felt better. I then grabbed a rock and stick and magically it combined into a spear. The Island is full of mind playing magic tricks I thought. Then the fish were swimming as only fish can do and I was able to catch the fish and start a fire and cook the fish. It was truly GLORIOUS. As the fish started to darken and was ready for me to engulf, I reached for the fish only to have my arms being swallowed by the flame gods of the fire. I saw my life flash before my eyes and that was it. I lasted 3 minutes…3 I say…But they were 3 of the most phenomenal minutes one could possibly have if they were stranded on an island with your new talking crab named Carl.

So I had to try again. This time I learned to keep the fish on the spear and cook it that way. Then there was a calm seagull who’s flying just had this calming motion towards it. Then he started to come at me and Carl gave me encouragement…gave me the strength to swing the spear with all my might and that seagull turned into what seemed like a small turkey that I was able to cook and eat. This island does care. Then as I heard that unfriendly ticks on my watch, Carl did the unthinkable…he gave me his arms so that I could craft a new item. I felt like I owed Carl everything. Until…until the music from the radio got to me as I was nearing my final seconds. I…I had to cook the radio and then I could see the sadness come over Carl. I felt bad not about the radio, but my life. It was ending…again. I new record of 5 minutes was achieved. I had to go back and go back and go back.

As I am sure you have figured out by now, Island Time VR is about survival and how long you can make that happen. For the best experience, make sure both of your Move Controllers are charged, clear a little space and get ready to be as creative as possible by crafting tools and defend the island from creature intruders. Grab some firewood and two rocks to start a fire for an example or knock down a coconut and smash it so you can eat what you can. The more you can eat, the longer it will help you survive and that is the goal.

Luckily you do have a watch that will help you. On the face of the watch is a heart and as that heart starts to have the life dwindle from it, that is when you know when you are about to R.I.P. It actually adds this “Everything is stacked against you” feeling and this is not a bad thing as it allows your creative mind to flow to see what you can come up with as the time is ticking. I really appreciate the added challenge of my survival.

Sound wise I really appreciate the ability to escape. Closing my eyes I could hear the waves, the sounds of the seagulls and of course depending on how close I was to the fire, I could almost smell my burning flesh. Immersion is what I felt. I felt like I was on this island with the water all around me and when things started to get out of control and my island started to catch on fire with me on it, the only thing else I would have needed would have been some restless native drums in the background.

Keep in mind when you die, you will be starting over. Some might not like this after so many attempts, but I actually found it challenging and had a blast making new things and hearing the one-liners from Carl the Crab who is voice by Greg Miller adds a refreshing and yet comical vision. I mean if you are stuck on an island and your time is ticking, I would rather laugh, so thank you Greg and Carl…thank you.

The only thing I would have loved would have leaderboards. Being able to see who has the best time would add even more to Island Time VR. Who knows, maybe this can be added later. But if you like trophies, then you will be happy with the amount here. By adding how long you can survive, with trying to collect trophies and have the one-liners, and random things showing up, Island Time Vr is really a fun escape.

When you die, it’s not the end of the world and you will want to go back and keep playing and getting more creative. When a game can reel you back in and make you think for yourself with different ways of trying to survive all while having fun, then the right formula has been mixed. But isn’t that what gaming is supposed to be about…having fun? Flight School Studio did something here. They took their very moving heartfelt emotional ride of Manifest 99 and took a chance on something new and changed it up. I applaud them for this and cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

Island Time Vr is out now for PlayStation VR and is also available on the Oculus Store, Steam, and Viveport. A review copy was provided. 

To learn more about Flight School Studio, please visit their sitelike them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram, follow them on Twitch, and subscribe to their YouTube

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I have to go and see how much longer I can try to survive for.

Mr. PSVR, April 10, 2018,
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