Even Those Who Live In Little Cities Can Have Bigger Dreams Out Of What They Thought Was Possible…

March 13, 2024 ·

Everyone has dreams that they want to see become real. Some want to become the best at what they do, some have aspirations of learning & living every day like it’s their last, and then some can see the bigger picture and want to show the world how much a reality those dreams can be. For me, I had the dream of making a city so big that everyone would move in to work and play. Somewhere where there would be enough hospitals, fire stations, schools, and airports for all to occupy while making it how I would like and how others would appreciate. But sometimes dreams have occurrences we don’t consider, such as disasters, rockets, and aliens. My dream is to create a place where there would be no problem too big to overcome. And it looks like I am about to live out my dreams.

Features include:

  • Create your way! Take on a vibrant multi-island campaign of uniquely rewarding creative challenges, balancing resources, population happiness, and a slew of dynamic natural disasters
  • Relax into the endless cozy creativity of Sandbox Mode – crafting, drawing, and finessing your dream islands completely from scratch
  • Create your dream cities with a bustling blend of shops, industry, and housing where you can lean in to see your diorama creations spring to life
  • A huge range of Attractions to delight your tiny population, with everything from donut shops to helter skelters to towering statues available to shape a world where your Little Citizens love to live
  • Embarking on your city creation journey has never been easier – fusing intuitive controls, drag-and-drop building placement, and extremely satisfying bubble-poppin’ UI
  • Whether you’re striving to max out your Style Rating for ultimate campaign completion, or simply seeking to de-stress with some low-stakes island hopping, you’ll always find a gorgeous range of biomes and environments to explore, set to a blissed-out soundtrack
  • Featuring over 18 months’ worth of delightful content from the Meta Quest version of the game and a slew of enhancements powered by the PSVR2 hardware, Little Cities: Bigger! offers something for every type of creator
  • 120 Frames Per Second, 4K Enhanced Visuals, Eye-Tracking, Haptic Feedback

What will you build? What attractions will you add? Are you ready to build your dreams into something bigger? Find out with Little Cities: Bigger! out now for PlayStation VR2 on the PlayStation Store.

Until then…please enjoy…

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