Fruit Ninja Part Duex Wants To Take You On A Quest…

April 9, 2023 ·

We understand that ever since you grabbed those swords you have had fruit issues. There is just something about fruit falling that you feel the need to slice and dice them without hesitation and guilt. Yes, the fruit may be coming at you at times and you can claim self-defense, but other times they could be sitting on top of water sprouts and you feel the need to attack them. Then there are the times when you decide to grab your bow and shoot arrows at them like they are convicted criminals on fruit row. Now, you want to hang out with other ninjas to make this a social gathering for fruit killings. Next thing you know, there will be an innocent game of Basketball or worse, trying to take the other ninjas out. Who has hurt you this much in life?

Features include:

  • THE MODES YOU KNOW AND LOVE – Classic, Arcade, and Zen modes are back and juicier than ever
    • With the addition of the Bow, you can now master a whole new fruit-piercing technique which requires precision and aim
    • The heart-racing Rhythm Mode will challenge you to keep up with the pace of the track
    • Show off your blades & put your slicing skills to the test against other ninjas in multiplayer
    • Swap out your blade for the bow and send arrows flying directly at your opponents in the new Apple Head mode
    • Not feeling competitive? Chat, interact, and shoot some hoops with friends in the Social Hub
    • When you’re ready to take a break from the competition, uncover the lush world of Fruitasia where you can explore, relax and slice to your heart’s content

Will you be able to slice and dice your way to the top? Will you be able to deal with your fruit issues? Can you be the true ninja? Find out with Fruit Ninja 2 out now for the Quest 2/Pro and Steam VR.

Until then…please enjoy…

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