Green Hell VR Is Bringing That Co-Op Love And The Spirits…

December 8, 2023 ·

Green Hell is one of those titles that just pulls you into its world of crafting and survival, along with the story. Ever since its release, there have been many players who have been requesting that the game receive some VR love. Incuvo delivered the experience when it was released for the Quest and PCVR platform and most recently with the PlayStation VR2 over the Summer and continues to add to it with new features.

One of those features that have been in high demand has been the co-op addition, something the non-VR had. Well, it looks like not only is co-op coming, but it seems up to 4 players will be allowed. In an official comment via Community Villa, the developers from Incuvo and People Can Fly had this to say:

“Since the premiere of Green Hell VR on Meta Quest and PSVR2, players have sent us tons of feedback about preferred routes for expanding our game. It’s no secret that co-op mode was always at the top spot. To give something back to our amazing community for the never-ending support, we are actively working on the co-op mode and adding it as soon as possible. Our plan is to launch up to 4-player co-op mode in 2024. It will allow you to go through both story and survival mode with other players online. Naturally, such a complex update requires a lot of time for proper implementation, so we ask you for some extra trust and patience with the final date announcement!”

And if you are not aware of how much Incuvo and People Can Fly appreciate not on the gaming community, but for the fans of the series, on November 30th, a free update was added for Spirtis of Amazonia – Part 1 and includes the following features:

  • The first part of a new prequel trilogy story set before the events of the original game
  • 10-15 hours of new content – the in-game area is DOUBLED in comparison to the base game
  • Brand new activities, such as helping out the local population
  • Discover new tribal villages and challenging Tribal Legends

So even though co-op is coming in 2024, it’s still awesome to see Incuvo and People Can Fly give back to all those who have supported them.

So until then…please enjoy…

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