When You Are Told Not To Touch Anything, We All Know What You Are About To Do…

December 7, 2023 ·

You had one job to do, not to touch anything. But you couldn’t help it, you had to touch that button. And not only were you not supposed to touch anything, you did so in your own house. Now, it seems that anything and everything that could go wrong, is going wrong. That room you just had replaced for your house, is being ripped apart by some robot peeping in on you like it owns the house looking at you with those beedly little eyes. And don’t that the neighbors can’t hear the sirens going off. Sure you may have some tools that are in no way going to fix your living room going underwater, but hey, at least that fresh opening in your roof now. You know, all this could have been avoided if you didn’t touch anything.

Features include:

  • 15 all-new puzzle endings – from disarmingly simple to notoriously difficult. Are you up to the challenge?  
  • Supports hand-tracking or controllers – use the full range of your mental and physical abilities to engage with diverse and satisfying interactions.  
  • Mixed Reality mode – see your in-real-life home filled with unusual objects, puzzle clues, and out-of-this-world and supernatural visitors. Witness the transformation and domestic destruction of your actual surroundings with the magic of MR.  
  • Virtual Reality mode – experience all the virtual chaos in your completely virtual home. 
  • 4-8 hours of gameplay, discovering clues and unraveling mysteries! 

Can you solve the puzzles? What will happen to your house? Why didn’t you listen? Find out with Please, Don’t Touch Anything: House Broken out now for the Quest 2, 3, & Pro on the Meta Store.

Until then…please enjoy…

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