HITMAN III Confirmed To Have PSVR Support For The PS5 Edition…

October 22, 2020 ·

As we get closer to the release of the PS5, there are some players who may trade in their PS4s towards the PS5 or just right sell their system. It has been confirmed that the PS5 is compatible with using the current PlayStation VR headset, but will not work with the new PS5 camera. You will still have to use the current PS4 camera but will need an adapter. Recently there was some mention that the PS5 version of HITMAN III would not have PSVR support. If we look at the box art that Limited Run Games has posted it does not mention anything about PlayStation VR…

But if you look at the box art for the PS4 version it does show it…

But looking at the official PlayStation Store, HITMAN 3 does mention VR headset enabled…

So it’s great to see that both the PS4 and PS5 versions will have PlayStation VR support. But keep in mind that in order to use PSVR on the PS5, you still need an adapter. The question is, how do we get the adapter. It would be amazing if it came in the PS5 box giving the amount of PSVR owners. Otherwise, it may turn into what happened with Samsung and going from the Note 8 to the Note 9 and trying to get the adapter to still use Gear VR.

So if you are still planning on getting the PS5 on day one and hoping to use your PSVR and trade in or sell your PS4, you might want to hold off until we get a more clear answer from Sony on how to receive the adapters. It’s just too bad that the new PS5 cameras will not work with the current PSVR headsets, but I get it, before we know it, we will have new information about PSVR 2.

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