Hons VR Quest 3 – The Review

December 16, 2023 ·

When it comes to Virtual Reality, there is something we all enjoy, and that is being immersed in the worlds that we are in. Part of that immersion is how well we can make things out. And no matter how much the tech improves each time, if we don’t keep a check on our eyes, things may not be as fun as they could be. Even when our eyes put in the extra work to make things out., there are some things that we can do to help them out. As we level up over the years, our eyes may start to weaken and that’s when we may end up getting glasses or contacts. For some, the extra help with our eyes may have always been there from the start, and for others, this may be something new. Either way, we want to make sure we all have the best experience possible.

For some of us, we may have had our Quest 3 since day one, and others may be waiting for that to be our big Christmas gift. It is a fantastic headset with all the tech it has inside from the 2064×2208 pixels per eye, 4K+ Infinite Display, 110° horizontal and 96° vertical Field of View, and Pancake lenses that provide a slimmer optical profile, there is a lot to be excited for when using the Quest 3. But even when I used it, I could tell a few things. For one, I could tell that the sharpness was improved over the Quest 2 and that even though things were sharper, it still felt to me as if something was a bit off. So that’s when I had to try the Quest 3 prescription lenses from HonsVR.

The first thing you will want to do, if you have not done so, is go get your eyes checked out as your eyes will thank you for it. Once you have your prescription and PD measurements, head over to the Hons VR website, click on Shop at the top, select Meta/Oculus Quest (or scroll down just a bit), and you will have your choice of Custom Meta Quest 3 Prescription Lenses and Custom Meta Quest 3 Prescription lenses with a magnetic design. Once you have made your selection and inputted your Right/Left O.S. and PD measurements, it will take about 1-4 business days for your custom prescription lenses to be manufactured.

Once they are shipped, they come very quickly. The box the lenses come in are simple, with the HonsVR logo.

Inside the box there is the HonsVR social media card with the other letting you know that your satisfaction is guaranteed, a thank you for choosing Hons VR card with the other side that has your prescription information, a case that holds the lenses with separate left and right pouches for the lenses in case you ever needed to remove them, and the Microfiber Cleaning Cloths that have the HonsVR logo. An all-around very nice and compact package.

Installation of the HonsVR lenses is simple. At the bottom of each lens, you will find an L or an R to let you know which lens is for your left and right eyes. To install, you just slide in one side of the adapter and then apply a little downward pressure on the other side to secure it, and then the same for the other lens. That’s all there is to it other than turning on the Quest 3 and playing some games and/or experiences.

I will say that things did look and appear sharper and I could tell my eyes were happy. Going back to some of the previous games such as First Encounters and Demeo just to name a few, things looked great. Seeing the aliens break through my room I was already seeing some detail that I didn’t notice before and the same with Demeo in just looking at the different of the different table pieces, and my favorite, Kai, just looked so good.

Overall, HonsVR continues to do what they do best, providing you with VR comfort & clarity and is something that should be able to benefit you and other Quest 3 players out there for this holiday season and beyond.

To order your clarity and comfort upgrade with Hons VR, please visit their site, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Also, check out the HonsVR interview.

Until next time, I am going to go enjoy some Virtual Reality clarity and comfort.

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